Who will win the Olympic football gold medal?Odds, favorites, and best bets to win the 2021 Tokyo Men’s Championship

Expect to be unpredictable. The Men’s Olympic Football Championship is another animal in the global football game.

That’s because for the teams that will compete for the men’s Olympic football gold medal in Tokyo, the trends, sample sizes, and data that can be used for senior national teams over the course of months and years do not exist: these teams under the age of 24 specialize For this competition. Except for a brief qualifying session (which in most cases occurred more than a year ago), the players have never played together in a real game.

Of course, Olympic men’s football has been an age-restricted event since 1992 (except for the three overage wild cards) in order not to conflict with the lucrative FIFA Men’s World Cup, which is held every four years. When professional athletes are allowed to participate in the Olympics, there needs to be a way to distinguish the two competitions.

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Although mature football countries hope to add an Olympic gold medal to their trophy box, this is not considered a vital game-the best players do not need to participate, and their clubs will not be Forced to release them. In fact, there are a few players who want to participate in the Olympics, but have not obtained the permission of the club team that cut their salaries.

All the above content provided a fairer playing field for the Olympic Games and held a compelling competition at multiple levels. Although the finals usually feature pedigree teams, this game does not follow the accepted world football order: Honduras entered the semi-finals in 2016, Japan and South Korea entered the semi-finals in 2012, and Iraq vs Paraguay entered in 2004 Semi-finals.

If there ever was a game that could fly flyers to a few outsiders, it was this.

The future of men’s football at the 2021 Olympics

Odds maker knows very well: SpainAs well as its six reservations in the 2021 European Cup semi-final lineup, it is a popular candidate to win the gold medal. Followed by the other four famous Spanish players: Brazil, France, Germany with Argentina. Not surprising: all of this is based on the football reputation of these countries. Spain and Brazil do have the most lineups in the tournament, but unless you see the big teams in action, it is difficult to separate them.

The luck of the draw is also important in football championships: Spain can face Brazil in the quarter-finals. This is even more reason to surpass the favorites and hone two long-range shots, which may see their prices shrink rapidly in a few games in the Championship.

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This Ivory Coast (+5000 to +6600) It won’t get any headlines, but it has a path to the finals. Under the leadership of AC Milan star Franck Kessie (above), the Ivorian’s playing style-superb technique, creativity, size, athleticism and strength-will be on par with Brazil and Germany in Group D. Spain or Argentina will face similar challenges in the final quarter-finals. The semi-finals will see Côte d’Ivoire meet one of the top teams from the other side of the bracket. But the only intimidating team there is the French team, which is only in name. The Ivorians see it as a battle for equality.

Mexico Is another team that has been mispriced3300 to +4000, This is mainly because the big name (France) and the host Japan are in its group. But this Mexican team is strong and experienced-many players have played against the national team-and there are many spoilers on the roster. If the Mexicans can emerge from the group, they can make it to the semifinals, and if one of the strong countries (Spain, Argentina, Brazil or Germany) gets there, they will enjoy the opportunity like the neglected weak.

team King of Drafts BetRivers William Hill
Spain +250 +200 +188
Brazil +300 +350 +275
France +450 +600 +500
Germany +650 +800 +800
Argentina +650 +800 +800
Japan +900 +900 +800
Mexico +3300 +2000 +4000
Romania +3300 +3000 +3300
Korea +3300 +1500 +2000
Ivory coast +5000 +5000 +6600
Egypt +6600 +8000 +8000
Australia +20000 +25000 +25000
South Africa +25000 +50000 +25000
Honduras +50000 +25000 +20000
Saudi Arabia +50000 +50000 +25000
new Zealand +50000 +25000 +15000

Olympic futures: winning medals

Similar to what they did for women’s games, American sports betting PointsBet has odds The men’s Olympic football team won a medal. Spain (-325), Brazil (-250) and France (-170) are the only losing teams.

If you don’t like Ivory Coast or Mexico to win games, it might be more attractive to take them to medals: MexicoLed by Diego Lainez (pictured below), the price is +1200, while Ivory coast At +1600.

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Japan (+400) with South Korea (+500)In their Olympic history, they all have a football bronze medal, but they also have a record of poor performance in international competitions, and failed to come up with a big show when they were most needed against top teams. But if any one of them appears as a striker star, they may be able to overcome difficulties in this game and add a second football medal. They do this on the right side of the stand.

Olympic Futures: Group Champion

Which teams can definitely win their group and will never be given a real chance by the odds setters? Well, those two teams again: Ivory Coast (+600 to +1000) Group D and Mexico (+350 to +400) In group A.

Group B is the weakest group, but its international reputation Honduras -The senior men’s team is ranked 67th in the world-is extending their Olympic price to win the group (+500 to +600). However, the Honduras team performed relatively well in the recent Olympic games, finishing second in both the 2012 and 2016 group matches. They are likely to lose again this time, but the Honduras team is likely to shoot at the top of the group.

Remind that Honduras eliminated the U.S. Olympic team during qualifying. Catrachos sees Romania, South Korea and New Zealand as winable games.

Group A

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points betting
France -140 -106 -110 -135
Japan +275 +190 +210 +250
Mexico +350 +400 +400 +400
South Africa +1600 +1700 +1600 +1200

Group B

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points betting
Korea +115 +100 +110 +100
Romania +210 +275 +225 +275
new Zealand +400 +450 +450 +350
Honduras +600 +500 +600 +600

Group C

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points betting
Spain -160 -155 -150 -155
Argentina +190 +225 +225 +225
Egypt +1000 +800 +900 +700
Australia +1200 +1000 +1000 +1000

Group D

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points betting
Brazil -145 -143 -150 -125
Germany +145 +175 +200 +175
Ivory coast +1000 +800 +800 +600
Saudi Arabia +2000 +1700 +1600 +1400

Best shooter

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BetRivers has odds Among the top scorers in the men’s Olympic games, the following list features players with odds of +1000 or lower.

Assuming a good performance in the game, the Brazilian winger Richard Leeson (​​+1000) Probably the most interesting name in this group, even ahead of teammate and center Matthews Cunha (+500). In the Copa America, he is dangerous for a conservative Brazilian team. If the Brazilian Olympic team is more expressive and offensive-by comparison, it doesn’t take much to achieve this goal-then Richardson (above) should get his attention in scoring . In addition, considering Richard Leeson’s qualifications, you would imagine that he would be the one who kicked any penalty kick.

In addition to this group of leading competitors, Spain’s Danny Olmo (+1500) If you think the Spaniard will continue to win the gold medal favorites and dominate the game as it progresses to the finals, then this could be an interesting game. He rushed into the penalty area from the wing or retreat, making him a threat to Spain during the 2021 European Cup.

team BetRivers
André-Pierre Guignac (FRA) +500
Matthews Cunha (BRA) +500
Adolf Gage (ARG) +800
Huang Yizu (KOR) +800
Max Cruise (Germany) +800
Maeda Daizen (JAP) +800
Marco Asensio (SPA) +1000
Ezekiel Ship (ARG) +1000
Gabriel Martinelli (BRA) +1000
Ritsu Doan (JAP) +1000
Richard Leeson (​​BRA) +1000

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