White Sox’s Tony La Russa and Yermin Mercedes talk about “It’s over” IG post

White Sox coach Tony La Russa said on Wednesday that he will work hard to change Yemin Mercedes’ thinking about quitting baseball.

La Russa told reporters that when Mercedes wrote on Instagram that he would withdraw from the game “indefinitely”, Mercedes may just be “frustrated.” La Russa boasted that Mercedes has repeatedly stated that the two are close.

“He knows that I am his supporter. So I will contact him to see what happened,” La Russa said, according to MLB.com White Sox reporter Scott MurkinLa Russa also said that he will work hard to convince Mercedes that he still has a future as a major league player.

Mercedes less than three months after his statement Become a major league sensation as a rookieHe wrote “it’s over” in English in the IG post, and then expressed his emotional message in Spanish. He thanked his family and agents for their support, and then apologized to the media and the team for “immature” and “failed people”.

Rivera: La Russa’s response to the twins’ throw at Mercedes was mild and problematic

On Wednesday afternoon, he posted To his Instagram story A thinking emoji and a Spanish phrase referring to retirement.

Mercedes has been participating in the Triple-A race in Charlotte since being selected as a minor on July 2. He was sent off during a long batting downturn, and many fans and the media blamed him on La Russa. The 28-year-old DH/catcher scored 0.128/.209/.154 in the last 23 games before relegation.

La Russa’s responsibility came from the manager’s public criticism on May 18 that Mercedes had swung 3-0 in the ninth game in which they beat the Twins the night before. Mercedes homered on the court with a 47 mph float from position player Willians Astudillo.

Mercedes made no apologies after the game. La Russa was not satisfied with this, and he made his thoughts public the next afternoon.

“I heard him say something similar,’I play my game.’ No, he didn’t,” La Russa said that for Merkin“He played Major League Baseball games, respected the game, respected the opponent. He must respect the logo. When he got the acceptance logo, he accepted it.”

“I just think Yermin is locked,” La Russa also said. “He and Astudillo, they know each other in different games. He is locked and [thinking],’I must get him, I must get him. ‘”

La Russa added that the twins who were angry with Mercedes knew that the manager was “disheartened.”

That night, Minnesota rescuer Tyler Duffy Hit Mercedes in the leg with a fast ballThe referee expelled Duffy after playing the game on the court. La Russa appeared to be on the side of the twins in his comments to reporters after the game.

“I have no problem with the way the twins are handled,” He says.

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