Top scorer in men’s football at the 2021 Olympics: Tokyo Olympics ranking update

With the quality of international talent displayed at the 2021 Olympic Men’s Football Championship, Tokyo’s top scorer should be star-studded.

Brazil Star Richardson,Spanish Marco Asensio And French veteran André Pierre Gignac Yes Favorites of some odds-setters Eventually became the top scorer of the game, but young talents will definitely appear.Argentine striker Adolf Gage And Brazilians Matthews Cunha (22 people in all) are also the top pre-match candidates.

The following table will update the latest scorer rankings after each match day of the Men’s Football Championship:

Top scorer in men’s football at the Olympic

ranking player team the goal Assist Minutes played
1. To be determined
2. To be determined
3. To be determined
4. To be determined
5. To be determined
6. To be determined
7. To be determined
8. To be determined
9. To be determined
10. To be determined

The list of top scorers in the recent men’s Olympics includes some of the deadliest strikers in international football, from Chilean legend Ivan Zamorano to Argentine attacking stars Carlos Steves and Hernan Crespo. Giuseppe Rossi, who was born in the United States, represented the Italian team in the 2008 game with four goals.

The current Bayern Munich striker Serge Gnabry led the scoring list in the last men’s Olympics and won six silver medals in the German team’s games.

The following is a list of the main scorers for each men’s Olympics since 1992. This is the first version featuring players under 23 years of age.

The best scorer in the Olympics since 1992

year player team the goal
1992 Anjay Yuskoviak Poland 7
1996 Hernan Crespo Argentina 6
baby Brazil 6
2000’s Ivan Zamorano Chile 6
year 2004 Carlos Tevez Argentina 8
Year 2008 Giuseppe Rossi Italy 4
2012 Leandro Damio Brazil 6
2016 Gnabry Germany 6

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