NHL’s Hurricanes, NFL’s Panthers adjust ESPN’s Chris Fowler for extended draft mix

Since becoming an NHL rights holder again, Chris Fowler made ESPN’s situation worse in the first major online game on Wednesday night.

When he hosted the expansion draft to reserve the league’s 32nd team, the Seattle Sea Monsters, he showed a lack of hockey ability. If he called the New York Islanders and the Devils without losing geographically, then he made a terrible Freudian mistake on the NHL team in North Carolina.

John Butch Gross and Linda Cohen never will. At least Fowler didn’t call Canes a whaler (although he did make a mistake when Mighty Ducks mentioned the Anaheim team).

Extended draft: Tracking the Kraken picks, rumors

The Carolina team involved in the melee saw an opportunity for social media, and they hit the net.

Of course, the NHL Panthers also had to get involved (they play in South Florida, ESPN).

Fowler’s, um, struggle A few hours later Kraken’s choice was leaked on the Internet. The only suspense in the ESPN2 broadcast is whether there will be any incidental transactions or transactions. For reference only, there is no announcement.

But there is still some uncertainty, because the audience is waiting to see whether Fowler-his specialty is college football and tennis-will pass a segment cleanly.

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