Mexico showed that it is an important candidate for the Olympic men’s football gold medal after defeating France

Nine years after Mexico won the first men’s football gold medal, El Tri looks capable of reaching the Olympic podium again. Mexico indicated that it is ready to compete and beat France 4-1 convincingly. This is the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games. The French team is one of the most popular teams before the game.

The Mexican is better than the French in every aspect of the field, which is reflected in the score, thanks to the four goals of four different scorers in the second half: Alexis Vega, Sebastian Cordoba, Uriel Antuna and Eduardo Aguirre.

“We are a talented team,” said goalkeeper and captain Guillermo “Memorandum” Ochoa. “The quality of the players is high and they are eager to win, shine and surpass. Combine this with players who play for the national team. Get up, it will show you when you have to make a decision in a game like this-tackle, pass or shoot. We did a great job today.”

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Mexico’s performance has almost no dislikes, almost no weaknesses, and all the reasons why they will challenge the Olympic champion again:

Green game destroyer

France’s forward André-Pierre Guignac may have a reputation on the court, but the Mexico’s forward always seems to be able to decide the game. They all did it.

Vega on the left and winger Diego Linez on the right are both electric, fighting the defender one-on-one and going straight to the goal. Every time they go to France to defend, they cause serious damage. Teammate Henry Martin dutifully takes on the role of center, Vega and Linez have a willing partner who can occupy the guard and open up space for them.

Vega seems to be in the best state of his career, and the firepower he showed when he played against France was difficult to control. At the same time, Lines is the smartest player on the field, creating the first goal in an attack where he has repeatedly broken through the penalty zone. He elegantly cut the cross to provide a tempting ball, and Vega rushed into the box and went home.

If you include the offensive midfielder Cordoba in this offensive combination-he showed his football IQ in his excellent goals in the penalty area-it is easy to understand why all these players have become the masters of the Mexico national team. A member of the coach Geraldo “El”. Tata” Martino.

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Mexico is deep

You know when two players come off the bench and score, things are really interesting. Mexico’s Olympic coach Jaime Lozano (Jaime Lozano) decided to introduce offensive reinforcements while taking the lead and was rewarded. Right forward Antuna (72nd minute) and center Eduardo Aguirre (88th minute) came on and they helped complete the transaction.

Antuna’s speed will become a real weapon on the bench for this tournament. When he played for Lenes, he used it to produce good results for Mexico’s third goal. First, he supported his defender, then cut to the inside, and then shot a low shot from the goal post. With 10 minutes left in the game, it helped the French team push the game far.

And Aguirre is a less experienced version of Henry Martin, arguably a better sense of target smell. He showed this in his strike, Mexico’s fourth time, passing the ball from a small angle to the goalkeeper near the post. Expect him to start in one of the group stages, allowing Martin to catch his breath before the single-elimination round.

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There is no weak point in defense

If Mexico has the best offensive talent on the court is not enough, the defensive players are also better than their opponents.

Right back Jorge Sanchez is a multi-million dollar transfer material that combines range, power and speed. France rarely bothered to attack his flanks.

Although their experience against Gignac in La Liga in Mexico did help, the central defenders-Cesar “Cachorro” Montes and Johan Vasquez-controlled the game. The only real error was Montes’s judgment error in his own penalty zone sliding tackle, which led to the French team’s penalty goal.

Romo is the glue man

This time his name did not appear in the penalty zone score, but midfielder Luis Romo is the most important player in this Mexican team. La Liga club Getafe is making a transfer for him, but it is reported that his Mexican club Cruz Azul has rejected it. If Mexico has an in-depth Olympic game, they may get new bidders.

Romo seems to be everywhere on the court, this is because he feels very good about the game. He brings balance to the team, supports offense or protects the back line, no matter what he chooses, it is usually the right decision. In addition, he played for two players, which gave him a place on the court.

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Mexico is a well-functioning machine

The players know each other well, partly thanks to the previous training camp of Mexico’s senior manager Tata Martino. This sense of familiarity was obvious when playing against the French team. This team was only formed for this game and will never play together again.

Mexico is a cohesive side, which is reflected in their passing and how they avoid each other, especially in transitions. All players have a clear role, and they play well. For example, left back Erick Aguirre is a full-time defender who does not overstretch himself offensively, especially when Sanchez is plundering on the right. good results.

This spirit was most evident the moment after they scored, when the Mexicans sent a message to France that they would not let them go back to the game: Eltri kicked the ball away with personality, keeping the French away. it. This is a flexible move by a team that knows this well.

Mexico looks like a complete team-they can score, they can defend, they can manage and control the game. Outside of Brazil, there seems to be no other country that makes them afraid of the way left, especially the way El Tri handles France.

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