Calling: How each SEC school will vote to invite Texas and Oklahoma to expand meetings

On page 15 of the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Articles of Association, under the heading “Grant membership“,” it wrote, “Membership can be granted at the CEO meeting by invitation of the General Assembly. At least three-quarters of the members must vote to send out an invitation to join. “

Since members now have 14 schools, a 3/4 vote means 11’yes’.With the news Oklahoma and Texas are knocking on Greg Sankey’s door (Probably much earlier than Sankey hoped), the SEC Commissioner’s mission seems to be to collect these 11 votes and consolidate the first point of his legacy: the creator of the first super conference.

Can he do it? Texas A&M may expose this issue by providing a story to Texas A&M, beating the Houston Chronicle reporter Brent Zvoniman, and now it is a tough “no”. On the day of the report, Sports Director Ross Bjork attended the SEC Media Day (coincidence?) and issued a statement strongly opposed to Texas joining the SEC.

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But what about the other members of the alliance?

This is a team-by-team appearance, without seeing pending TV contracts, if they need to vote immediately, how each school might vote.

Yes it is

Alabama -Do you think the Crimson Tide will be afraid of Oklahoma and Texas? The higher the reputation of the league, the better. When Nick Saban is replaced, you can also become the boss of the largest and best conference in this land.

Arkansas -When leaving the Southwestern League in 1992, Razorbacks was happy to get out of the shadow of Texas (sound familiar?). However, that was 30 years ago. Rekindling the passionate but dormant competition will have an impact on the project. Texas visited in September for the first time since 2004, and this game has a lot of buzz. Whenever Horns and Hogs are linked together, this will be a recurring calendar event.

Florida -From a competitive point of view, Florida may be hesitant. The SEC Championship will become more difficult. But from a recruitment perspective, increasing the league’s cache even further helps in the intra-state battle with Miami and Florida State University for Florida’s top prospects.

Georgia -When it comes to the fear factor, see Alabama. Georgia correctly sees itself as a contender for the national championship, and joining Texas and Oklahoma will not change this. The bulldog said, take them.

Kentucky -Kentucky does not necessarily need more football obstacles in the process of climbing relevance, but the fact that it has never entered the SEC Championship game in its 29-year history of events tells us that the Wildcats are not at the door. In basketball, the United Kingdom will welcome Oklahoma, especially Texas, which is finally ready to take off under the leadership of Chris Beard.

Louisiana State University -Another superpower, he will not pay special attention to adding content. Just two seasons ago, the Tigers defeated Texas and Oklahoma in the process of winning the national championship, so Louisiana State University is happy to increase recruitment opportunities for neighboring Texas and The additional income from Big Two of Big 12.

Missouri -Surprised to see the Tigers on this list? The sports department in Missouri can use the extra cash. Unlike Texas A&M University, Missouri left the top 12 out of necessity rather than any hostility with Texas. Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M University have all left. Texas and OU are flirting with Pac-12. The US Securities and Exchange Commission provided a lifeboat, and Missouri jumped on it. If Texas and OU want to show up and increase revenue in 10 years, I think the Tigers will say yes.

Vanderbilt -Needless to say, Commodores did not achieve one or two victories by overcoming obstacles on the football field. Two more powerful players who join the SEC will not change Vanderbilt’s fate. If the SEC’s annual check has a chance to become bigger, why not?

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Auburn -For Auburn, this is a win-lose situation, and the Tigers don’t need to have two behemoths wandering in the SEC. Auburn fans expect a national championship or coach to hit the hot seat. This is not the most realistic prospect, but this is the situation on the plain, and the financial benefits will not exceed the extra intensity of the plan.

Texas A&M University -We already know the position of Aggies. It took them 10 years to finally reap all the benefits of leaving Texas to join the SEC. They are ready to become the nation’s elite team without the need for Texas and Oklahoma to steal their limelight during the recruitment process in the Lone Star State and give them more obstacles to clear the way to win the SEC or even the national championship. obstacle.


Become a Miss -The rebels like to win. The NCAA has adjusted the school’s records based on violation records in 10 different seasons, the most recent being in 2016. Do they want to hit the wall of the University of Texas with their heads? Do they want the recruitment target pool in Texas to shrink? On the other hand, according to data from the Intercollegiate Athletics Riders Committee, Ole Miss Athletics was in deficit in 2018 and 2019. A bigger check at the meeting would help.

Mississippi -Bulldogs is another project that keeps going uphill in the rugged SEC West, and is not in a hurry to add more blue blood to the schedule. For Mississippi State to win, everything must go well, but there is evidence that it may happen because Dan Mullen put the Bulldogs in the nation’s first place in the five brilliant weeks of the 2014 season. Of course, the additional income may be good, but MSU still hopes that it can become a SEC champion. If Oklahoma and Texas are not nearby, the situation will be easier.

Tennessee -Another plan, right or wrong, sees itself as one of the national college football elites, although it is difficult to get out of its way. The visions of Peyton Manning and Phil Fulmer and orange confetti are still dancing in his mind. Climbing two more mountains will not speed up the reconstruction process. However, AD Danny White was not afraid of arrogance in the first year. He won the national championship for UCF in Orlando in 2017. Maybe he welcomes OU and Texas with open arms.

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