2021 Fantasy Football RB PPR Ranking: Best Running Back Draft, Sleepers Should Know

In the PPR league, how high should you prioritize running back? Obviously, receiving the ball is very important, especially in the all-point PPR format, but if the yardage and TD do not exist, then they are very important. On the contrary, even if a person does not get many catches, he can still have a lot of value-assuming he enters the end zone.This creates more potential sleepers and bankrupts, which means that our 2021 fantasy RB PPR ranking is less stable than ours Standard Edition.

The difference starts at the top. Derek Henry is our best comprehensive player in the Standard League, but he fell to fifth in the PPR format. Last season, he ranked third in the PPR league, second only to Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook. The (hope) healthy return of Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley will further push him off the list. However, if Henry leads the league in sprint TD again, he has been leading for two consecutive years, then he should not be worse than the PPR top five (he is also two consecutive years).

After catching only 16 passes in 12 games last year, Nick Chubb is another notable bowler. Nonetheless, you may be surprised to find that he ranks 11th among RBs in PPR scores, proving once again that if you score and are on the ground, you can become a stud. Kenyan Drake (ranked 16th), Ronald Jones II (20 times), Miles Sanders (23 times) and JK Dobbins (24 times) despite the number of passes this season Less than 30 times, but also ended as RB2. Sanders caught 50 passes as a rookie. He is the main candidate for a significant improvement on the basis of an already solid result, and Drake may now return to more receiving positions (less TD), Because this is a substitute for Vegas.

On the other hand, due to their passing ability, several defenders have made great progress in PPR. Nyheim Hines and JD McKissic combined have 745 yards of rushing and 10 total TDs (4 landings), but with 63 and 80 catches respectively, they are both top 17 PPR RBs. Our ranking of them this year is not that high, mainly because they all play behind the sophomore guards. They are not slacking in receiving the ball, but it is clear that they have a lot of advantages. James White and Tarik Cohen also fit this model. Austin Ekeler is the gold standard because he also has a lot of carry.

Ekeler may be a bit too good to be considered just a “giving back”, and players like this are usually underestimated in PPR leagues. Entering this season, Miles Gaskin, Karim Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Travis Etienne, Devin Singhattari, and possibly Leonard ·Funette meets this requirement. With the exception of Hunter, everyone can become the main guard of their team except for over 40 catches. If all goes well, this could lead to the first 15 seasons (see Mike Davis’ PPR ranking 12th last year). At the very least, they should collect at least 115 dribbles (possibly more) and work as flexible.

The biggest PPR breakthrough candidates this year are Joe Mixon (without Giovani Bernard), D’Andre Swift (46 catches in 13 games last year, should get more catches) and Najee Davis (43 catches, he is Last year in Alabama). Clyde Edwards-Hyler and Antonio Gibson are both excellent receivers in college, and they can also prepare for more catches in the second season, while Michael Carter and Javin Te Williams (25 catches each in the North Carolina game last year) has the potential to catch a fair number of passes.

Touchdowns are always the most important thing in fantasy, whether it is a standard, half-point PPR or full-point PPR league, so don’t overestimate the catch in the early days of the PPR draft. However, in the middle and late stages, it is feasible to take risks for players who expect to see a large number of goals. This is more reliable than hoping that your intermediate RB is lucky and get a lot of points.

From now to week 1, we will adjust these RB PPR rankings and provide further analysis, so please check back for updates! For individual player analysis, please check our Standard League RB Ranking.

2021 Fantasy RB PPR ranking

Ranking based on All-point PPR score format

rank player
1 Christian McCaffrey, Black Panther
2 Sakun Barkley, giant
3 Alvin Camara, Saint
4 Darwin Cook, Viking
5 Derek Henry, Titans
6 Ezekiel Elliott, cowboy
7 Aaron Jones, Packer
8 Antonio Gibson, Washington
9 Clyde Edwards-Heller, Chief
10 Austin Eckler, Charger
11 Nick Chubb, Browns
12 Jonathan Taylor, Colts
13 David Montgomery, Bear
14 Miles Sanders, Eagles
15 DeAndre Swift, Lion
16 Nagy Harris, Steelers
17 Joe Mickelson, Bengals
18 JK Dobbins, Crow
19 Miles Gaskin, Dolphin
20 Karim Hunt, Brown
twenty one Josh Jacobs, Raider
twenty two Chase Edmonds, Cardinals
twenty three Mike Davis, Falcon
twenty four Travis Etienne, Jaguar
25 Darrell Henderson, Rams
26 Javent Williams, Broncos
27 German single, Bill
28 Melvin Gordon, Broncos
29 Michael Carter, Jet
30 Raheem Most, 49ers
31 David Johnson, Texan
32 Niheim Hines, Colts
33 JD McKissic, Washington
34 Damien Harris, Patriot
35 Leonard Fournett, pirate
36 Philip Lindsay, Texan
37 James Robinson, Jaguar
38 Ronald Jones II, pirate
39 Tariq Cohen, the bear
40 Jamal Williams, Lion
41 Gus Edwards, Crow
42 Zach Moss, Bill
43 James White, Patriot
44 Ratavius ​​Murray, saint
45 Trey Sermon, 49ers
46 James Connor, Cardinals
47 AJ Dillon, Packer
48 Tony Pollard, cowboy
49 Kenya Drake, Raiders
50 Kenneth Gainwell, Eagles
51 Alexander Mattison, Viking
52 Twen Coleman, Jet
53 Darrell Williams, Chief
54 Justin Jackson, Charger
55 Malcolm Brown, dolphin
56 Rashad Penney, Seahawks
57 Cordarell Patterson, Falcons
58 Devin Tabuk, Giant
59 Marlon Mack, Colts
60 Benny Snell, Steelers
61 Kryon Johnson, Eagles
62 Ramndrey Stevenson, Patriot
63 Darlington Evans, Titans
64 Samaje Perine, Bengal Tiger
65 Chuba Hubbard, Black Panther
66 Damien Williams, the bear
67 Salvin Ahmed, Dolphin
68 La’Mical Perine, Jets
69 Jeff Wilson Jr., 49ers
70 Joshua Kelly, Charger
71 Mark Ingram, native of Texas
72 Jeremy McNichols, Titans
73 Anthony McFarlane Jr., Steelers
74 Java Hawkins, Falcon

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