2021 Fantasy Football PPR Ranking: Top 200 Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it-even if you actively find a way to read this article, you will disagree with it.Not only that, you think Disagree with it. You can’t wait to point out how stupid it is that Player X is ranked higher than Player Y, all QBs are too high, or your favorite five-string rookie WR Sleeper is not even on it. There is no doubt that you can get a better Top 200 PPR fantasy ranking in your sleep.Your only Hope the other fools in your league take these rankings to heart when developing their draft strategy.

Well, maybe you are right. After all, this is fantasy football. We put a lot of time and energy into the preseason rankings, but every year there are injuries, unexpected bankruptcies, sudden breakouts and other strange things. This is why these rankings are worth looking at.

Although you have confidence in your ability to evaluate players, you know that you have been wrong in the past.Looking at the preseason rankings from a different perspective may not only help Your Draft pick, but it can also give you an idea of ​​what other bosses in the league think. If we have a player ranked significantly lower than you, then at least some others might do the same. This may mean that you don’t need to raise your favorite sleeper so high.

It is also important to really understand the difference between PPR scores and standard scores. This sounds intuitive, but if you are used to playing in one league versus another, it’s easy to overestimate (or underestimate) the difference. In addition, even if you are in a PPR league, your league’s default settings or other published rankings may be optimized for standard scores, which may really affect your draft progress.

Except that receiving is obviously more important in PPR leagues, all QB and D/ST are usually slightly lower in value. In short, RB, WR, and TE have more points available, so they have more value. Although QBs have the same value relative to each other, their scores do not exceed other positions.

The discrepancy between our standards and PPR rankings started immediately, because our No. 1 Standard League player Derek Henry ranked fifth in PPR, behind Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook. Tyreek Hill, our top standard WR, ranks fifth in receivers after Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs and Calvin Ridley. When talking about such top players, the difference is small, but the value is still affected, even in the half-point PPR format.

Of course, your biggest problem with these rankings may be at the back of the list. Committee support, WR in the new offense, potential breakthrough TE-all these types of players spark intense debates among fantasy owners every year. This is part of what makes fantasy football so interesting. Either way, checking different perspectives will only make your draft preparations more comprehensive and help you achieve one thing we are all fighting for: fantasy champions.

We will continue to adjust these Top 200 PPR rankings and provide further analysis until week 1, so please check back for updates!

2021 Fantasy PPR Ranking: Top 200 Cheat Sheet

Ranking basis Full point PPR, four point pass TD Score

rank player position
1 Christian McCaffrey, Black Panther RB
2 Sakun Barkley, giant RB
3 Alvin Camara, Saint RB
4 Darwin Cook, Viking RB
5 Derek Henry, Titans RB
6 Ezekiel Elliott, cowboy RB
7 Davant Adams, Packer Office building
8 DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals Office building
9 Stephen Diggs, Bill Office building
10 Travis Kelsey, Chief in
11 Aaron Jones, Packer RB
12 Antonio Gibson, Washington RB
13 Calvin Ridley, Falcon Office building
14 Tyreek Hill, Chief Office building
15 Michael Thomas, saint Office building
16 Clyde Edwards-Heller, Chief RB
17 Austin Eckler, Charger RB
18 Alan Robinson, Bear Office building
19 Darren Waller, Raider in
20 Nick Chubb, Browns RB
twenty one Jonathan Taylor, Colts RB
twenty two DK Metcalfe, Seahawks Office building
twenty three David Montgomery, Bear RB
twenty four Miles Sanders, Eagles RB
25 George Kittle, 49ers in
26 Justin Jefferson, Viking Office building
27 Keenan Allen, Charger Office building
28 DeAndre Swift, Lion RB
29 Nagy Harris, Steelers RB
30 CeeDee lamb, cowboy Office building
31 AJ Brown, Titans Office building
32 Joe Mickelson, Bengals RB
33 Terry McLaughlin, Washington Office building
34 Patrick Mahoms, Chief QB
35 JK Dobbins, Crow RB
36 Cooper Coup, Rams Office building
37 Amari Cooper Office building
38 Kyler Murray, Cardinals QB
39 Josh Allen, Bill QB
40 Miles Gaskin, Dolphin RB
41 Mike Evans, pirate Office building
42 DJ Moore, Black Panther Office building
43 Robert Woods, Rams Office building
44 Taylor Lockett, Seahawks Office building
45 Kelpitz, Falcon in
46 Julio Jones, Titans Office building
47 Chris Godwin, pirate Office building
48 Russell Wilson, Seahawks QB
49 Lamar Jackson, Crow QB
50 Karim Hunt, Brown RB
51 Josh Jacobs, Raider RB
52 Mike Davis, Falcon RB
53 Chase Edmonds, Cardinals RB
54 Brandon Eyuk, 49ers Office building
55 Travis Etienne, Jaguar RB
56 Robbie Anderson, Panthers Office building
57 TJ Hokenson, the lion in
58 Odell Beckham Jr., Browns Office building
59 Adam Thielen, Viking Office building
60 Dionte Johnson, Steelers Office building
61 JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers Office building
62 Darrell Henderson, Rams RB
63 Javent Williams, Broncos RB
64 Dark Prescott, Cowboy QB
65 Mark Andrews, Crow in
66 German single, Bill RB
67 Melvin Gordon, Broncos RB
68 Michael Carter, Jet RB
69 Courtlan Sutton, Broncos Office building
70 Kenny Golardy, Giants Office building
71 Dewant Park, Dolphin Office building
72 Justin Herbert, Charger QB
73 Raheem Most, 49ers RB
74 David Johnson, Texan RB
75 Noah Fant, Broncos in
76 Dallas Goldt, Hawks in
77 DJ Chuck, Jaguar Office building
78 Ja’Marr Chase, Bengal Tiger Office building
79 Niheim Hines, Colts RB
80 Logan Thomas, Washington in
81 JD McKissic, Washington RB
82 Debo Samuel, 49 people Office building
83 Tee Higgins, Bengals Office building
84 Antonio Brown, pirate Office building
85 Ryan Tennyhill of the Titans QB
86 Damien Harris, Patriot RB
87 Leonard Fournett, pirate RB
88 Devon Tower Smith, Eagles Office building
89 Matthew Stafford, Rams QB
90 Philip Lindsay, Texan RB
91 James Robinson, Jaguar RB
92 Chase Claypool, Steelers Office building
93 Taylor Higby, Rams in
94 Ronald Jones II, pirate RB
95 Tariq Cohen, the bear RB
96 Mike Gesicki, dolphin in
97 Mike Williams, Charger Office building
98 Jerry Jedi, Broncos Office building
99 Tom Brady, pirate QB
100 Aaron Rogers, Packer QB
101 Robert Tonian Jr., Packer in
102 Jamal Williams, Lion RB
103 Michael Pittman Jr., Colts Office building
104 Taylor Boyd, Bengal Tiger Office building
105 Jacoby Meyers, Patriot Office building
106 Jaylen is injured, the Eagles QB
107 Will Fuller, Dolphin Office building
108 Brandin Cooks, Texan Office building
109 TY Hilton, Colts Office building
110 Jarvis Landry, Browns Office building
111 Gus Edwards, Crow RB
112 Zach Moss, Bill RB
113 Jaylen Rager, Eagles Office building
114 Joe Burrow, Bengal Tiger QB
115 Blake Javin, Cowboy in
116 James White, Patriot RB
117 Christian Kirk, Cardinals Office building
118 Marquise Brown, Crow Office building
119 Curtis Samuel, Washington Office building
120 Laviska Shenault Jr., Jaguar Office building
121 Henry Lagos III, Raider Office building
122 Jonu Smith, Patriots in
123 Kirk’s cousin, Viking QB
124 Ratavius ​​Murray, saint RB
125 Darnell Mooney, the bear Office building
126 Jamison Crowder, Jet Office building
127 Colbisley, Bill Office building
128 Trevor Lawrence, Jaguar QB
129 Trey Sermon, 49ers RB
130 Irv Smith Jr., Viking in
131 James Connor, Cardinals RB
132 AJ Dillon, Packer RB
133 Tony Pollard, cowboy RB
134 Kenya Drake, Raiders RB
135 Matt Ryan, Falcons QB
136 Michael Gallup, Cowboy Office building
137 Corey Davis, Jets Office building
138 Baltimore Ravens Digital/ST
139 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Digital/ST
140 Jared Cook, Charger in
141 Gabriel Davis, Bill Office building
142 Tracy Smith, Saint Office building
143 Ben Roslisberger, Steelers QB
144 Marvin Jones, Jaguar Office building
145 Jaylen Wardle, Dolphin Office building
146 Hunter Henry, Patriot in
147 Rob Gronkowski, pirate in
148 Tua Tagovailoa, dolphin QB
149 Pittsburgh Steelers Digital/ST
150 Russell Gage, Falcon Office building
151 Kenneth Gainwell, Eagles RB
152 Alexander Mattison, Viking RB
153 Twen Coleman, Jet RB
154 Derek Carr, Raider QB
155 New England Patriots Digital/ST
156 Nelson Aglory, Patriots Office building
157 Emanuel Sanders, Bill Office building
158 Evan Ngram, Giants in
159 Los Angeles Rams Digital/ST
160 Breshard Perriman, the lion Office building
161 Anthony Filxer, Titans in
162 Darrell Williams, Chief RB
163 Justin Jackson, Charger RB
164 Baker Mayfield, Browns QB
165 Carson Wentz, Colts QB
166 Austin Hooper, Browns in
167 Malcolm Brown, dolphin RB
168 Rashad Penney, Seahawks RB
169 Tyrell Williams, Lion Office building
170 John Brown, Raider Office building
171 Miami Dolphins Digital/ST
172 Washington football team Digital/ST
173 Buffalo Bills Digital/ST
174 Indianapolis Colts Digital/ST
175 Daniel Jones, Giants QB
176 Cole Kermet, Bear in
177 Cordarell Patterson, Falcons RB
178 Devin Tabuk, Giant RB
179 James Winston, Saint QB
180 Kansas City Chiefs Digital/ST
181 Drew Rock, Broncos QB
182 Marlon Mack, Colts RB
183 Darius Slaiden, Giant Office building
184 Alan Lazard, Packer Office building
185 Mecole Hardman, Chief Office building
186 Cardarius Tony, Giants Office building
187 Ilya Moore, Jet Office building
188 Langdale Moore of the Cardinals Office building
189 Zach Oates, Eagles in
190 New Orleans Saints Digital/ST
191 San Francisco 49ers Digital/ST
192 Arizona Cardinals Digital/ST
193 Minnesota Vikings Digital/ST
194 Cleveland Browns Digital/ST
195 Gerald Everett, Seahawks in
196 OJ Howard, pirate in
197 Benny Snell, Steelers RB
198 Sammy Watkins, Crow Office building
199 AJ Green, Cardinals Office building
200 Van Jefferson, Rams Office building

2021 Fantasy Kicker Ranking

rank player
1 Justin Tucker, Crow
2 Harrison Battke, Chief
3 Jason Sanders, Dolphin
4 Matt Platt, Cardinals
5 Younghoe Koo, Falcons
6 Wilruz, saint
7 Greg Zuerlein, cowboy
8 Daniel Carlson, Raider
9 Taylor Buss, Bill
10 Joey Slay, Black Panther
11 Brandon McManus, Broncos
12 Rodrigo Blankenship, Colts

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