The entire Seattle Kraken roster leaked before the extended draft aired, ruining ESPN’s NHL debut

Kraken’s 30 draft picks plan to enter the NHL before 10 am ET. At 8:58 am Eastern time, the first tweet was sent.

“Early news is that #SeaKraken is approaching a contract with two UFA defenders: Adam Larsson (EDM) and Jamie Oleksiak (DAL),” Daily Faceoff insider and president of hockey content Frank Serravalli tweeted.

After that, the gate opened. By 12:30 PM ET, 29 of the 30 draft picks were leaked.

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Of course, this leaves a lot of people scratching their heads, because ESPN is preparing to broadcast the expanded draft. The unveiling is the network’s first major production since it took back NHL’s rights to broadcast in the United States. Now they have 90 minutes to fill up the conspiracy and drama, well, it’s over.

There are rumors that there are many deals, but before it is confirmed, Twitter does its best to help the producers fill the gaps in the show-and made some jokes.

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