Seattle Kraken roster tracker: latest update, rumors about the 2021 NHL expansion draft pick

The Seattle Krakens are ready to officially announce their roster during the game 2021 NHL Expansion Draft.

On Wednesday night, General Manager Ron Francis, with the help of many celebrities including women’s basketball stars Sue Bird, Sean Kemp, Gary Payton and Marshaun Lynch, will broadcast on ESPN. Announce 30 players he picked from your favorite team.

Until then, who will wear the Kraken jersey in October is still a subject of speculation, but this has not stopped the flow of mock drafts, the spread of rumors and the early disclosure of news. Seattle submitted its draft pick to the NHL before the 10 am Eastern time deadline.

Sports News is tracking the latest rumored selections and side deals until Kraken announces the players who will join their lineup.

Simulated draft of SN: Headlines by Carey Price and Vladimir Tarasenko

List of Seattle Krakens

Kraken must pick at least 14 forwards, 9 defenders and 3 goalkeepers. Twenty of the 30 players selected must have contracts for the 2020-21 season, and all contracts must meet the cap (capped at $81.5 million). In addition, a quick reminder: The Golden Knight is exempt.

team player Point of sale capital
Anaheim Ducks —— —— ——
Arizona Coyote —— —— ——
Boston Bruins —— —— ——
Buffalo Sabre —— —— ——
Calgary Flame —— —— ——
Carolina Hurricane —— —— ——
Chicago Blackhawks —— —— ——
Colorado Avalanche —— —— ——
Columbus Blue Jacket —— —— ——
Dallas Star —— —— ——
Detroit Red Wings —— —— ——
Edmonton Oilers Adam Larson (Report) D Ufa
Florida Panthers Chris Drigger (Report) G Ufa
Los Angeles Kings —— —— ——
Minnesota Wild —— —— ——
Montreal Canadiens —— —— ——
Nashville Predators —— —— ——
New Jersey Devils —— —— ——
New York Islanders —— —— ——
New York Rangers —— —— ——
Senator of Ottawa Joey Darkod (Report) G USD 750,000
Philadelphia flyer —— —— ——
Pittsburgh Penguins —— —— ——
San Jose Sharks —— —— ——
St. Louis Blues Vince Dunn (Report) D Radio free asia
Tampa Bay Lightning —— —— ——
Toronto Maple Leafs Jared McCann (Report) Length, width and height USD 2.94 million
Vancouver Canucks —— —— ——
Washington Capital Vitek Vaneckek (Report) G US$717,000
Winnipeg Jets —— —— ——

Extended draft: Protected list | Available players

NHL expansion draft rumors

(All times are Eastern Time)

11:37 am — According to reports, Seattle goalkeepers are from Florida, Washington and Ottawa.

11:33 am — Kaapo Kahkonen is widely regarded as one of Seattle’s goalkeeper choices.

11:30 am — So far, the NHL expansion draft has been a hot topic for anyone hoping to get into chaos. Gabriel Landeskog, a pending UFA, will not be Seattle’s pick from Colorado.

11:21 am — This means that Alex Kerfoot will stay in Toronto.

11:16 am — Another big name that won’t go to Seattle.

11:10 am — It seems that Kyrie Price is just empty talk when he arrives in Seattle.

11:07 am — Can Vladimir Tarasenko be the central figure in today’s largest side deal?

10:40 am — Is Brandon Tanev from the Penguins? interesting.

10 o’clock in the morning- Kraken has submitted all deets to the NHL. Now we wait.

9:57 am — Another UFA is pending, but time is passing and the matter needs to be submitted to the NHL.

more: Everything you need to know about the expanded draft

9:05 am — Somewhat shockingly, Larson did not re-sign with the Oilers who reportedly directed him to provide similar funding.

9:42 am. — Any thoughts about the Siren taking away anyone other than Goode seemed to be suppressed.

8:58 am — The first news came out. If it were Larson and Olekshak, they would be the only players in Seattle who can choose from the Oilers and the Stars respectively.

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