NBA championship odds: Bucks will not be the favorite in the 2022 Finals; Nets and Lakers will showdown

Back to back Bucks? Incomplete.

Giannis Antetokounmpo demonstrated an extraordinary performance in the 2021 Finals against the Phoenix Suns, officially ascending to the throne of one of the world’s best players, allowing the Bucks to play a role in the Eastern Conference. The strength is beyond doubt.

That being said, the Bucks will not be the favorite team to repeat in 2022: The Brooklyn Nets’ early odds are that they rise from the East and represent the favorite team in the 2022 NBA Finals.

It can be said that the Nets have the best Big Three in the NBA with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, and are far away from Durant’s big toe who changed the playoff schedule. When these three players are in good health next year, this situation will not change.

In the West, the odds makers hope that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will recover and realign their lineups to participate in the prom. Surprisingly, the Golden State Warriors have the second highest probability of winning the Western Conference, and Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson (if he is healthy) and Draymond Green may be the final cheers.

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Here is how the winning odds will be formed early in 2022:

2022 NBA championship odds

It’s no surprise that the Brooklyn Nets become the favorites in the 2022 NBA Finals. The 2021 NBA Finals champion Bucks started with +900, behind the Nets and Lakers.

Courtesy of odds Draft King:

team Odds
Brooklyn Nets +200
Los Angeles Lakers +525
Milwaukee Bucks +900
Golden State Warriors +1200
Phoenix Suns +1300
Utah Jazz +1400
Philadelphia 76ers +1600
Los Angeles Clippers +2000
Denver Nuggets +2000
Dallas Mavericks +2800
Atlanta Hawks +3500
Miami Heat +3500
Boston Celtics +5000
Portland Trail Blazers +5000
New Orleans Pelicans +8000
Toronto Raptors +8000
Chicago Bulls +10000
Charlotte Hornets +10000
Memphis Grizzlies +10000
New York Knicks +10000
Indiana Pacers +10000
Washington Wizards +15000
Minnesota Timberwolves +25000
San Antonio Spurs +25000
Sacramento Kings +25000
Detroit Pistons +50000
Cleveland Cavaliers +50000
Houston Rockets +50000
Oklahoma City Thunder +50000
Orlando Magic +50000

It is worth noting that:

— The Western Conference champions Phoenix Suns are fifth in odds for the 2021-22 season: three of them (Nets, Lakers and Bucks) are not surprising. But sitting in front of them is the Warriors. This shows one of two things: Vegas is hoping for the recovery of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson; or they are trying to attract punters to think so.

— After the Nets and Bucks, the 76ers are most likely to emerge from the Eastern Conference and win the game at +1600. There are some questions about what the 76ers will look like in the 21-22 season. According to reports, Ben Simmons has been acquired and the team is rumored to be interested in Damian Lillard.

— If you feel risky (responsibly bet, friends), there are a few attractive options in the East: The Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics all have higher odds, but like As we have seen in the playoffs, the super team distance has become… the team has only one or two injuries. The Eagles took the Bucks to Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals, and they just started to rise from here. Another fact to keep in mind in the Eastern Conference: In the past 13 years, the No. 1 team has only reached the Finals twice.

No matter what you do, don’t put money on the Knicks. Use your head to bet, not overdo it.

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