Megan Rapinoe’s shocking loss to Sweden at the USWNT Olympics: “We were kicked”

Megan Rapinoe (Megan Rapinoe) admitted that Sweden appeared in the women’s football opener of the Olympic Games on Wednesday in the United States women’s football.

The pre-match favorite and the defending world champion had the worst start in the Group G match on Wednesday, losing 3-0 to Sweden due to two goals from Stina Blackstenius and a header from Lina Hurtig.

As a result, the United States lost its unbeaten record of 44 games, but Rapinoe felt that they were the masters of their downfall at the Tokyo Stadium.

“We got kicked in the ass, didn’t we?” Rapino said after the game. “I think we are a little nervous, just a little nervous. Just do some stupid things, such as not passing the ball, not shooting the ball.”

In the post-match press conference, the 36-year-old added: “I don’t think we played very well. This has no effect on Sweden. I think they played a wonderful game.

“They found a lot of space in our size, they were very calm when they entered the goal, and they seized the opportunity well. Sometimes I think if we lose or tie, or someone gives us a game , This is unbelievable, this is an offense to all other teams.

“This is the highest level. These are the best teams in the world. Sweden is one of the best teams ever. Of course it is in Europe. So if we don’t play well and the game goes in and out, we won’t win these. game.

“So, there are many things [to improve on]. We want to be better. I think we played a little tight, but we just hurt ourselves a lot. I don’t think we can really say one thing specifically, they seized the opportunity, entered a better space, and inevitably scored more goals. “

How did Sweden do it?

U.S. head coach Vlatko Andonovski (Vlatko Andonovski) has not experienced failure in the 23 games he has coached before, but his team started from the first game against the determined Swedish team. Ranked second.

Blackstenius led the Swedish team after just 26 minutes, and USWNT was fortunate to trail only one goal at the end of halftime. No. 1 goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher was forced to make several key saves.

The pressure continued at the beginning of the second quarter, and due to another outstanding performance by Blackstenius, Peter Gerhardsson’s team doubled their advantage shortly before the hour mark.

Hertig then nodded home in the 72nd minute, putting an end to all hopes of a comeback in the United States, and Christensen Press then wasted two opportunities to reduce arrears.

The United States had previously won four gold medals in the Olympics, but it is likely that it will have to win the next game against New Zealand on Saturday in order to hope to advance to the quarterfinals this time.

At the same time, the 2016 silver medalist Sweden can beat Australia on the same day to gain a seat in the knockout stage and will now become one of the most popular teams to win the game for the first time in the country’s history.

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