Damian Lillard’s trade rumors: Ranking of the five most suitable players from the Knicks to the 76ers

It’s still Portland’s female Jazz time, but rumors that the All-Star guard is upset have made other teams test the waters.

Damian Lillard, according to all reports (and his own words), does not seem to be going anywhere this summer. However, this does not stop the thirsty team from trying to trade the superstar point guard. According to reports, the Knicks, Heat and 76ers are all interested in Lillard’s services. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, There are also two teams playing against Lillard with the Rockets and Kings.

31-year-old transactions will require a lot of. like, very many. Over the next four years, Lillard owed $176,265,152, which was approximately $25 million more than the budget for “Space Traffic Jam: New Legacy”. (However, Lillard’s return on investment is much better.)

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However, not all collaborations are equal: Lillard has performed better on some teams and performed better than others.

If-this is a big assumption-Lillard is actually traded this offseason, here are Lillard’s best combinations:

Damian Lillard is best for trading

5. Rockets

This year, after James Harden’s trade was at the bottom of the Western Conference rankings, Houston completely collapsed, and John Wall is already an expensive point guard on the team. It would be ugly if Wall was not replaced by Lillard. Exactly how the transaction will be completed, or transport the wall to other places.

In other words, in the foreseeable future, Houston has many first-round picks, including the second overall pick in 2021, and there are some attractive young players and mature veterans that can help facilitate deals.

Almost any deal between Houston and Portland may have to include Wall unless the team’s first-round pick is completely bankrupt. The Trail Blazers may not reject this idea, but they also need one (or more) young players in Houston to complete the deal. However, the question is: Does Lillard want to be in the middle of the reconstruction cycle?

Lillard is eager for a championship, which is part of his current dissatisfaction with Portland, so going from a team only a few steps away from the game to a team that has won 17 games in a full-load conference is not his ideal The place to stay.

4. King

The Kings are better organized than the Rockets now, but one of the team’s best young stars plays in the same position as Lillard—and so does another emerging star.

Earlier this season, rumors about the trade of De Aaron Fox were rampant, but Sacramento didn’t seem to be keen to trade him for anyone. This is fair.

After a promising rookie season, the Kings may not break up with Tyrese Halliburton, but he will strike an interesting deal with Portland. Even so, are the Kings capable enough to truly compete in the Western Conference? At least not yet.

3. Knicks

The Knicks don’t have high-quality point guards: name a more iconic duo.

The Knicks ended a completely surprising season in the 2020-21 season, despite their lack of talent in the lineup, but still entered the playoffs. The concept of trading star pairing with Julius Randall makes sense, but at what price? Even with a good performance in the regular season, the Knicks still have a lot of work to do on the roster, so bankrupting their future (and part of them now) will only make the road to competition more difficult.

The team completed more lineup construction with fewer assets, and the coach of the year Tom Thibodeau played some magical roles in the lineup last year. However, the Knicks distance competition is not just Lillard.

Can Lillard make the Knicks better immediately? The most likely depends on the cost. Will trading Lillard lead to long-term, sustainable success? Not that much. The Knicks are still a year away from participating in that conversation.

2. Calories

Although Miami has recently been associated with another Trail Blazers player CJ McCollum instead of Lillard, the Heat can get rid of some contracts and still have cap space to cancel Lillard’s contract. The combination of Lillard, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayor will be interesting and may be enough to challenge the best team in the Eastern Conference.

The Heat do have the assets to give up Lillard, but they need to be a little creative: they don’t have a 2021 first-round pick (thanks to the Goran Dragic deal), and the Trail Blazers are reportedly looking for a lot of first-round picks. , Also choose to exchange in exchange for Lillard. They also have some player options in the team (Andre Iguodala, Goran Dragic), and they need to choose these options to facilitate transactions to make money.

This is definitely feasible, even if Miami has a little less versatility in potential transactions than the others on the list. Miami, Eric Spoelstra and a decent supporting role can push Lillard to bring his talents to South Beach.

1. 76ers

Any deal involving Lillard and the 76ers could send Ben Simmons to the West-which is good for Philadelphia.

Most importantly, the 76ers need a player with a real killer mentality to help the playoffs end the game. Simmons does not seem to be that person-his unwillingness to shoot late in the game doomed the Philadelphia team’s performance in the playoffs, and Joel Embiid cannot be the only one on the list who is actually closer to the team. people.

Lillard will give the 76ers an extra finish charm They are very scarce, and they also have some assets to trade, including Tyrese Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, Paul Reed. They are also limited by the first-round players they can trade (thanks to the Al Horford trade), but Philadelphia may be that strong contender, and this is the perfect storm for Lillard to walk in.

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