Bucks’ Bobby Portis became a meme in the NBA Finals Game 6 victory over the Suns

Bobby Portis became an instant meme in the Bucks’ 6th game against the Suns on Tuesday, after several suspicious phone calls were made.

The first of these calls was made in the third quarter because Portis was asked for a personal foul in his seemingly perfect defense against Devin Booker:

Of course, this led to this wonderful response:

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This is not the last time Portis has accepted a suspicious foul. The fourth quarter happened again, this time while defending Jack Lauder, prompting Portis to sprint and create a technical foul in the process:

Before that foul, people also saw Portis preventing Suns point guard Chris Paul from arguing with official Scott Foster—— The two have a history -After officials ruled out the ball in Phoenix. Naturally, for this sixth-grade veteran, this is another interesting moment:

Portis occupied the center of the stage for the last time in the celebration after the game, because he was called to the forefront of the team by Jrue Holiday. Portis discussed what victory in the Finals means to him, especially his first year in Milwaukee:

“It means the whole world. For 10 consecutive months, I was just exercising and I was really frustrated because I was very disappointed in myself because I was not invited to join my team (NBA bubble),” Portis told ESPN Sideline reporter Malika Andrews. “I found peace again. I found peace again in my life.”

Naturally, Portis ended his night with the slogan “Let’s Go to the Bucks”. In addition to those moments, Portis had a pretty good game: 16 points and 3 rebounds off the bench, and his first victory in the NBA Finals. All in all, this is a good night job.

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