Bobby Bowden of Florida was diagnosed with terminal illness: “I am calm”

The family of Hall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden announced on Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tallahassee (Florida) Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party reported that Bowden, 91 years old, has been working hard to recover after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in October 2020; he was also hospitalized for 5 days in late June. In any case, the legendary Florida coach said he was “prepared for what is about to happen” after the diagnosis. Democrats also reported that the Bowden family demanded privacy when dealing with health issues.

Bowden told Democrats: “I have been working hard to serve my life, whether on or off the court, I am prepared for what is about to happen.” “My wife Ann and our family have always been life. The greatest blessing in the world.

“I am calm.”

Bowden ranks fourth in NCAA history with 377 victories after 40 seasons, second only to John Gallardi (489), Joe Paterno (409) and Eddie Robinson (408). The Birmingham, Alabama native started his coaching career in West Virginia in 1970. During the six seasons there, he led the mountaineering team to a 42-26 record and a 1-1 bowl game. Records and a top 25 result.

Florida State University hired Bowden to lead its football program. At the time, it was not regarded as the elite team of the college football team; in the past 22 seasons before his arrival, the program had experienced 5 coaches and only enjoyed 11 Winning the season, won 1 bowl championship and 0 top 25 places. After his debut with a record of 5-6 in 1976-his only record of defeat as a Seminole coach-Bowden led the team into an era of unprecedented success, starting with a record of 10-2 in 1977, and Win in the orange bowl.

His team achieved negligible success in the next few years, and then began an incredible 28 consecutive bowl games (1982-2009) and an even more impressive 14 consecutive top five rankings. Competition (1987-2000). He won a 21-10-1 bowl record and two national championships in the 1993 and 1999 seasons. In total, he led the Seminole team to 12 ACC championships (in 18 seasons in the league) and 18 double-digit winning seasons, of which 7 seasons only lost 1 season. In 1999, An undefeated season.

He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

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