When the Pirates visited the White House, Tom Brady made some good political jokes

Tom Brady is here to tell the world: fake news.

The Pirates won the 55th Super Bowl and they did it easily, defeating the Chiefs 31-9.

Although some Americans can completely deny the victory, the evidence and truth are obvious to all. Brady spent a few minutes throwing out some high-level political humor when the Pirates visited the White House Tuesday.

“But we found our rhythm and we started. Not many people think we can win,” Brady said before sending Singer.

“In fact, I think about 40% of people still think we didn’t win.”

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President Joe Biden replied: “I understand this.” There was laughter.

Brady’s provocative humor suggests that some Americans believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 US presidential election for granted, even though Biden won the vote.

Brady made another joke: “Personally, I am very happy to be here. We played a game in Chicago and I forgot what the game is. I forgot a game in the 21st game. They started. Call me’sleepy Tom.’ Why are they doing this to me?” Brady joked.

Of course, “Sleepy Tom” is a tribute to the derogatory “Sleepy Joe” nickname used by the former president during the campaign.

Since landing in Tampa, Brady has lived a life like this: The 43-year-old QB won his seventh championship ring, and he did it all on the torn MCL. Being able to joke with the leader of the free world is another grade on his belt.

We know these jokes are very funny, but please Tom… keep moving.

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