Racing League: Meet the ODDSbible team composed of Martin Dwyer, Jason Watson, Alan King, Roger Charlton and Martin Mead | Racing News

The ODDSbible team hopes to combine youth and experience in this summer’s racing league. One of the jockeys is more than twice the age of his two teammates.

The 46-year-old Martin Dwyer has won more than 1,500 titles in his career, including more than 50 group and listing successes, but will be wary of a pair of 21-year-old players: Jason Watson and Thore Hammer Hansen.

The trio played for four impressive coaches from Wiltshire: Roger Charlton, Alan King, Martin Mead and Brian Meehan.

The team is managed by pedigree agent Sam Sangster and will wear ODDSbible custom yellow.

View from the weighing room

Martin Dwyer…

“I think it will be fun. The jockey can be a little grumpy sometimes, but when you encounter something like this, everyone will support it. When it’s a team event, you can’t help but become competitive.

“We have a lot of young people and experience. Jason Watson is a good boy, an excellent young jockey. He may be the best hair in the racing world, that’s for sure.

Jason Watson
Jason Watson won the 2018 Apprentice Rider Championship

“Thore’hammerhead shark’ is another good young guy. His hair is also very beautiful. I will look like the weirdness of the two boys band!

“Roger Charlton is a master instructor, riding a horse is very enjoyable. For those good people who keep you going and don’t tie you too much, riding is always good.

Roger Charlton
Roger Charlton trained two Derby champions and won 19 first group matches

“Allen King’s horses are very healthy and honest. He has many winners and a large number of horses to choose from for his team.

“Martyn Meade has become a first-class animal, and I look forward to seeing who they will nominate.

“I often ride for Brian Meehan and his horse is in good condition. I know the team very well.”

Solley Hammer Hansen…

Sole Hammer Hansen

“Jason Watson is one of my good friends and I spent a lot of time with him off the track.

“As a former champion apprentice and multiple group stage champion, he is clearly a very talented driver.

“Martin Dwyer is very experienced and has ridden derby championships and countless group championships. It is great to have him on the team, I think we will be very strong.

“I have never ridden a horse for Roger Charlton before, but he is an excellent trainer and has trained many good horses over the years. I am very happy to train for the first time on one of his horses.

“I am very grateful to Alan King, thank you for giving me my first Royal Jockey Club champion, we have a great little thing.”

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