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The British women’s football team will participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Before the first match on Wednesday, we have everything you need to know…

Who was selected?


Kinlittle said she has no problem sharing the role of the British team captain with Stephen Horton and Sophie Ingle at the Tokyo Olympics.

The British team consists of 19 English players, plus Kim Little and Caroline Weir from Scotland and Sophie Ingle from Wales. Little is the deputy captain of her national team, while Ingle is the captain of the Wales team. Together with England captain Stephen Horton, the three are appointed as the joint captains of the British team and will wear armbands in turns.

Hege Riise said: “We are fortunate that we have so many experienced and talented players in our team. We consider ourselves to be a’leadership’ team, and everyone brings their own leadership to the team. .

“However, Stephen, Sophie and King will play a leading role on the pitch. This is a team that is very close to the inside and outside of the pitch, and I was very impressed with how they came together.”

GB Team

goalkeeper: Karen Budsley (Man City), Ellie Roebuck (Man City).

Defender: Millie Bright (Chelsea), Lucy Bronze (Man City), Rachel Daley (Houston Dash), Stephen Horton (Man City), Demi Stokes (Man City), Leah Williamson (Arsenal).

Midfielder: Sophie Ingle (Chelsea), Kinlittle (Arsenal), Keira Walsh (Man City), Gil Scott (Man City), Caroline Weir (Man City).

Forward: Lauren Hamp (Man City), Fran Bryant (Chelsea), Nikita Paris (Arsenal), Georgia Steinway (Man City), Alan White (Man City).

reserve: Sandy McPhee (Everton), Lot Uben Moy (Arsenal), Niam Charles (Chelsea), Ella Thun (Manchester United).

Horton and Little were also one of the four players to participate in the 2012 London Olympics, as well as Gil Scott and Alan White. Karen Bardsley was also drafted into the team, but was replaced by Carly Telford in June due to injury.

In early July, FIFA and the International Olympic Committee allowed the team to expand the number of players from 18 to 22. On the match day, they can also choose to substitute Sandy McFer, Lot Uben-Moi, Niam Charles and Ella Thun.

Meet the manager

Hege Riise is the coach of the GB team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Hege Riise is the coach of the GB team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Former England coach Phil Neville plans to take charge of the British team at the Summer Olympics. But after he joined International Miami in January and before Salina Wegman arrives in September, who will lead the England team and, more urgently, who will coach at the Olympics, this left a problem.

Enter Haig Riise.

The former midfielder is still the player with the most appearances for the Norwegian senior team, with 188 appearances for Norway-far ahead of the 110 appearances for the men’s team by John Arne Riise. She hopes to learn from her experience in winning Olympic gold medals in Sydney and Norway in 2000-she is one of only three women in the world who have won gold medals in the World Cup, European Championship and Olympic Games.

After serving as a player for nearly 20 years, Riise also served as an American women’s assistant coach for three years and held management positions in the Norwegian women’s top league LSK Kvinner.

Due to the postponement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Riise has only changed three England games so far. The first game was a 6-0 victory over the Northern Irish women, and then lost to France and Canada in April.

warm up

Alan White scored twice when the British team defeated New Zealand
When the British team defeated the New Zealand team, Alan White scored twice

Britain had only one warm-up match before the game. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the visiting team is scheduled to hold a friendly match with Zambia on July 1 after being unable to enter the UK.

In Tokyo, Britain did participate in the friendly match against New Zealand on July 14. Riise’s team won 3-0. Allen White scored twice and England striker Nikita Paris also scored.

Team GB kneeled on one knee

GB and Manchester City's Steph Houghton during the GB Tokyo 2020 Women's Football Team announcement held at the Birmingham Botanic Garden. Picture date: Thursday, May 27, 2021.


England and Manchester City captain Stephen Horton stated that the British football team decided to kneel on one knee during the Tokyo Olympics.

Last week, the British team confirmed that they will kneel on one knee before the Olympic Games to support the fight against racism and discrimination.

The decision was made after the International Olympic Committee relaxed its 50th rule, which previously prohibited athletes from protesting at any time, but now allows peaceful protests before the competition. Any protest is still subject to sanctions.

England and Manchester City captain Horton told Sky Sports News“In WSL and previous international competitions, we have been kneeling down in club competitions. As a team, we know that this is the first thing we want to talk about-this is not just a quick decision, we already have a lot of conversations. .

“We obviously have been looking forward to the 50th rule set by the International Olympic Committee in the Olympics. For us, we have to discuss what we want to do. This is what we want to do 100% as a team. BOA had a lot of conversations and they supported us very, very much.

Players kneel before the FA WSL football match between the Everton Women's Team and the Manchester City Women's Team at Walton Hall Park Stadium in Liverpool, England, on Sunday, December 6, 2020.


British team chef Mark England said that he supports the women’s football team to bend their knees at the Olympics this summer

“Ultimately for us, kneeling allows us to express our support for people’s lives in a timely manner, and allows us to work hard to improve the discrimination and inequality that currently exists not only in the football field but also in the world today.”

Scottish captain Little said that the Women’s Football Championship was one of the first Olympic Games to begin, and the spotlight provided by this gave the players extra motivation to take a stand.

“We want to show solidarity, continue to emphasize the systemic racism and discrimination that are part of our society, and continue to talk about it by bending our knees to help make change and create a more equal society,” Little told Sky Sports News.

“Because we are the first sport to enter the field of competition, we want to show this information and put it on the platform to highlight the required changes.”

Race route

AP-Hege Riise


Courtney Sweetman-Kirk said that Hege Riiser won the British draft pick at the Olympics this summer “quite good.”

Group stage

England face in Group E Chile In the first game on Wednesday, July 21st, their opponents have made history in recent years.

2021 is their first Olympic Games, and it has been two years since their first World Cup. They won a respectable third place in the group containing the final winner, the United States. They also finished runner-up at the 2018 Copa America Femenina, which is their best result since 1991.

Three days later, Britain faced the host Japan In Sapporo. They will become familiar opponents of England and Scotland teams. In the 2019 World Cup, all three teams were drawn to the same group. The Japanese team defeated Scotland, but the white doubles allowed England to win the group stage in the final match.

Finally, the UK faces Canada On July 27th, this may provoke painful memories of London in 2012. The Canadian, coached by former England assistant coach Bev Priestman, won 2-0 in the quarter-finals that year and defeated the GB team in their home Olympics. They won the bronze medal that year and repeated this feat in the following Rio games.

Stephen Horton said the British team’s players have collectively decided to kneel on one knee before the Olympics (PA)
GB players will face Chile in the group stage opener on July 21

Of course, England players will also recall the 2-0 friendly defeat in April, and Canada also defeated Wales 3-0 in a friendly match in the same month. They are probably the most severe test in the group stage of the British Olympics.


The UK has three potential quarter-finals. If they get second in the group, they will face the runner-up in Group F-one of China, Brazil, Zambia or the Netherlands.

If they are at the top of the group, they may face third place in Group F or Group G, the latter including Sweden, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The third place will be tied with the winner of Group G (probably the United States).

Of course, when you reach the semifinals, things start to get trickier. Once again it is possible to face the United States, the Olympic favorite, and even the last four games against the Netherlands-coached by future England coach Wigman.

Can Team GB win the gold medal?

Members of the British women's football team leave London for the Tokyo Olympics


Chef Mark England is optimistic about the chances of the British team winning medals at the Tokyo Olympics

This of course will not be easy. The British team is arguably the most difficult of the three Olympic Games, so it is essential for Chile to start well. Japan and Canada are experienced on the international stage, and Canadians hope to win the medal for the third time in a row.

But there are still four players in the team who participated in the Olympics nine years ago. It is really impressive. The UK needs to learn from all this experience, plus Riise’s experience. She has been there, did it, and won a gold medal to prove it. Having three captains can also be a real advantage for the entire park.

The majority of the team consists of English players, who have not found their best form since the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup. Only one warm-up match is also a problem. Unlike other countries in the Olympics, the UK must integrate different members into one team-although this is not to say that this is a shortcoming. All three players from other home countries have added real qualities.

Defeating New Zealand-a potential opponent in the quarterfinals-showed good signs of progress, but do they have enough time to improve further and win the gold medal? This remains to be seen, but as we all know, nothing is impossible in football.

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