WWE Money in the Bank 2021 results and results: Big E, Nikki ASH capture briefcase, Cena return

On Sunday, WWE performed in front of a live audience for the first time in 16 months in the annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view show held at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

A pair of super-popular crowds accepted the money from the bank ladder competition. Among them, Nikki ASH shocked the crowd with her victory, and Big E grabbed the briefcase in the men’s competition and really took the show. Both are now in line with future championship opportunities. We have to look at when and who they decide to honor.

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley faced off in a wonderful match. Charlotte once again regained the WWE “Raw” women’s championship, and The Usos became a seven-time doubles champion by subverting Mysterios.

Bobby Leslie dominated Kofi Kingston to keep the WWE championship, while Roman Rains, with the help of Seth Rollins, fought back at Edge’s challenge, keeping the WWE Universal Championship firmly in his own hands. Hands.

But the important story is the return of John Cena, who appeared after Raines defended his title and shocked the audience. The two seem to have a SummerSlam collision in August.

This is the process of everything.

Usos def. Rey and Dominik Mysterio compete for the WWE “SmackDown” Tag Team Championship

The audience was very enthusiastic about the preview opener and could not decide between the white flesh and baby-faced father and son duo of Mysterios or The Usos. Even though they have always been positioned as high heels, Usos is so good and disliked, and they played a solid game here. It’s still hard to believe Dominic’s offense, but his performance is enough to keep the game consistent. Obviously, every time Rey Mysterio enters the game with his excellent sales and acrobatics, the game goes up a notch.

But it’s all about The Usos regaining the title and further consolidating the dominance of the so-called Samoa SWAT Team 2.0 and the global champion and family member Roman Reigns. In the final stage, Jimmy sacrificed himself when Rey 619 tried to give Jey time to recover and make a super kick. Jey hit Uso’s splash and almost fell, causing a strong reaction from the crowd. Moments later, Jay rolled Rey up and succeeded with the help of Jimmy. Ursos won the doubles championship for the seventh time.

A good opening remark, without overwhelming welcome, and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Grade: C

Nicky ASH definition. Money in the Bank briefcases designed for women by Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya, Tamina, Asuka, Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega

This MITB is not very good at all. The ending was a headache, not necessarily because Nikki ASH won, but because of how stupid she made every woman look when she grabbed the briefcase from them.

The game started very hard, there were many waiting points, as women tried to find a place to set up their offense. One particularly bad thing is the ladder tug-of-war competition between Morgan and Natalia. The ladder eventually became a moving prop. This is not smooth. Adding Bliss Hypnosis Vega at the top of the ladder, we have a lot of stupid behaviors that hinder our actions. The presence of Tamina and Natalya only prevents the defense, because they often hinder the climb.

Highlights include Morgan and Naomi’s offensive display from start to finish, but these highlights are few and far apart in the end, because the game is often slowed down by many expected settings. Bliss seems to be the most popular person in the game. She hypnotizes Vega to prevent her from getting a briefcase to show her superhuman power, but she can’t get up from being buried under a pile of ladders.

Finally, I saw six women climbing up three ladders and fighting for the briefcase, and Nicky climbed up and snatched it away. Everyone looked like fools. There was a similar MITB ending when Otis won last year, and it was obvious that Vince McMahon preferred his comedy performance. He didn’t know what to do with Otis, and eventually had to ask him to give the briefcase to The Miz. Will something similar happen to Nicky?

Grade: D

AJ Styles & Omos def. WWE “Original” Tag Team Champion Viking Strategy

After hosting a show without fans for more than a year, WWE seems to have forgotten how fans reacted to some of its talents. For example: Viking Raiders. Before the pandemic, it was difficult for them to get too many reactions, and WWE overestimated the reactions they would get when they were positioned as baby faces. WWE Universe did not buy the Viking Raiders here at all, because the crowd often cheered for Styles and Omos’ follow-up team. The result is that a game is played in one way, but out of sync with the crowd’s reaction.

Both teams performed well, but the game was delayed. Omos showed how young he is still with poor sales, and the Viking Raiders did their best to convince the audience to stand by them. The less you say in this game, the better. Everything feels as if it happened in slow motion. At least Styles is as good as usual. It ended with the Omos Grand Slam and championship retention. There is nothing to write home.

Grade: D+

Bobby Lashley Kofi Kingston WWE Heavyweight Championship

First of all, Kingston’s “Master of the Universe” inspired equipment looks great. Secondly, Kofi’s current fans are the same as when he was in Kofi’s mania.

In other words, this is a brutal display by Lashley, who dismantled Kingston from start to finish. Unlike a few years ago when Kofi was suppressed by Brock Lesner in a few seconds, this situation was better handled because Lashley only used a series of power moves and punishments to work. Kingston has never participated in the game, Lashley will not give him an ounce of breathing space, because he crushed his enemies with three Dominators, and completed the work with The Hurt Lock. Although it is one-sided, it is still very interesting for more than seven minutes.

This game made people wonder who can stop Lashley, and if the answer is the rumored return of Goldberg, then this is the way to get there. No, in terms of quality, there is nothing exciting about the Lashley-Goldberg game, but it can clearly establish Lashley as a top player.

Grade: B-

Charlotte definition.Rhea Ripley wins the WWE “Original” Women’s Championship

Who is the face and who is the heel in this game? who knows? This discord has been a mess from the beginning. When the WWE Universe rebelled with the slogan “We want Becky”, Charlotte responded to this with the middle finger, which made the situation worse. This proves how badly this feud has been handled; after losing the NXT title to Flair at WrestleMania last year, this should have been a moment for Ripley to attend with the fans and to avenge her.

After the early turmoil, the two ladies did their best to play an excellent game despite arousing disgust from the fans. Ripley established herself as a babyface with amazing power, and she promoted Charlotte to an outstanding superman. The pace of work is good; the two raise one level every minute until the fans have no choice but to chant, “This is great.”

It is true. But the wrong woman won. This game could have made Ripley one of the top women on the roster.

A natural selection avalanche in Charlotte that almost fell caused a gasp from the crowd, and the crowd was now in the hands of the wrestler. However, as the daughter of “the dirtiest player in the game”, Charlotte attacked Ripley’s leg, kicked it when it was trapped on the steel steps, and then slapped Rhea with a figure-of-eight slap. yield.

Once again, the wrong woman won, and this is where WWE dropped the ball here. But this is a wonderful game.

Grade: A-

Definition of Big E.Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, John Morrison, Riddle, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura

What a beautiful train wreck this is.

Perhaps the most suitable venue for the “Money Bank” competition has produced jaw-dropping violence and athletic performance, and everyone has a chance to shine.

From the early dominance of the impromptu team formed by Rawlins and Morrison, to Owens letting himself suffer a brutal impact, to the wonderful confrontation between Nakamura and Riddell interrupted by McIntyre, this game has it all. Ricochet showed his outstanding athletic ability with an incredible dive, while Big E showed his power with a cruel spear. There is no slack in this game.

McIntyre seemed to be on the cusp of victory until an old friend appeared: former 3MB partner Jinder Mahal took him away. This led to the wonderful final episode. Owens-staggering after numerous violent crashes-stunned everyone, but was then cut off by Riddle who spread the wealth of RKO. Nakamura tilted his hat towards KENTA with GTS. Rollins appeared and took everyone out to climb the mountain. Then Big E made a brutal finale to Rollins at the top of the ladder, climbed and grabbed the briefcase with a bang.

Words cannot explain how this is booked. Everyone should try their best to watch this game.

Grade: A

Romain Rains on the verge of WWE Universal Championship

From the moment the two were on the court, the game was full of the feeling of a game. But it is not so much a full-scale wrestling match, as it is a methodical story and characters. Considering the previous violence, it worked and established a new discord between Edge and Rollins, which has been teased for several weeks.

This game may not be regarded as a classic, but it is a battle to grasp the true meaning of good and evil.

Rains dominated the early days with a tough offense because he often laughed at Edge. Since Reigns is still under control, the pace remains slow. Edge will show the flash of comeback, but then Reigns will find ways to interrupt him. With fans investing in Edge and making a comeback, the rhythm has worked well. When Edge reversed the situation and entered the final stage of strength, they were completely on board.

Rains intercepted a fringe spear, then sank into the guillotine. The two stumbled and ran outside. Raines tried to shoot with a spear, but did not fire and flew over the roadblock. In response, Edge used his spear to plow Reigns over another barricade. After almost falling, Rains Superman sent Edgie to the referee with a punch and took the referee away. Reigns tried to use a steel chair to stick a cross, but Edge fought back and caught Reigns in the same way. Usos tried to intervene but was killed by Mysterios.

The angry Rollins just lost money in the bank ladder game, he interfered and kicked Edge super, allowing Reigns to escape. But Edge eventually hit a spear that almost fell. Rollins reappeared to distract Edge, and let Raines hit the target with a spear.

33 minutes is a bit long, but it is a good story. WWE really won the gold medal with Reigns’ heel running. So how does it elevate it to a notch?

The return of John Cena.

After Edgie and Rollins quarreled to the back, Rains grabbed the microphone and demanded recognition. Instead, Senna’s music sounded and the roof exploded from the building. There is no real interaction other than Reigns staring at Cena. He hasn’t appeared in WWE since WrestleMania last year. This one will definitely go to SummerSlam, this will be a wonderful encounter.

Grade: B

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 results

  • Usos def. Rey and Dominik Mysterio won the WWE “SmackDown” Tag Team Championship (11:25).
  • Nicky ASH definition. Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya, Tamina, Asuka, Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega are the women’s money in the bank briefcase (15:45).
  • AJ Styles & Omos def. Viking Raiders WWE “Original” Tag Team Championship (12:55).
  • Bobby Lashley (Bobby Lashley) Kofi Kingston won the WWE Heavyweight Championship (7:35).
  • Charlotte definition. Rhea Ripley won the WWE “Original” Women’s Championship (16:50).
  • Definition of Big E. Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, John Morrison, Riddle, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura (17:40).
  • The advantage of Romain Raines WWE World Championship (33:10).

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