U.S. women’s gymnastics bench tests positive for COVID-19 in Tokyo a few days before the Olympics

A few days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, a substitute member of the US women’s gymnastics team tested positive for COVID-19.

This Inzai CityWhere the gymnast has been training, it is only confirmed that the athlete is a teenager, and currently only one team member is in isolation. According to ESPNAnother member of the team was a substitute, and Simone Byers and any other athletes who had the opportunity to take home the gold medal were not affected.

“A substitute athlete of the women’s rhythmic gymnastics team received a positive COVID test on Sunday, July 18. After reviewing the implemented COVID agreement with members of the delegation, the local government identified the affected substitute athlete and another substitute athlete Will be subject to additional quarantine restrictions,” USAG said in a statement to ESPN. “Therefore, on Monday, the Olympic athletes moved to separate accommodation and separate training facilities as originally planned, and will continue to prepare for the Olympics. The entire delegation continues to be vigilant and will maintain strict regulations during Tokyo.”

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The gymnastics substitute is the latest positive case announced before the start of the competition.According to reports, Saturday Someone in the Olympic Village Coronavirus tested positive, and then on Sunday, American tennis genius Coco Gauff announced that she must quit Participating in the Olympics after she tested positive for COVID-19.

Athletes do not need to be vaccinated to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but tests will be continuously conducted throughout the competition in an attempt to create bubbles in the village.

The opening ceremony will be celebrated on Friday, and athletes from all over the world have begun to travel to Tokyo to participate in the Olympic Games.

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