The strange light confused the Yankees and the Red Sox during the game: “There is a red light flashing”

The game between the Red Sox and Yankees on Sunday night was suspended for several minutes after an unexplainable light appeared in the midfield.

The incident happened when DJ LeMahieu hit the ball at the bottom of the seventh inning. After hitting the ball for the second time, the Red Sox receiver Christian Vazquez can be seen standing up and talking to the referee. The game restarted, and after the third game, Vazquez layup and pointed to the outfield. The referee suspended the game at this time.

The rest of the referees gathered together and could be seen pointing to the outfield. After some discussion, it seems that considering that the game restarts, the lights seem to disappear on their own. But the mystery still exists.

The broadcast continued to discuss the light, and finally found the source through playback. It seems that the bright light comes from the fans in the stands. The fan is located directly in the “Batter’s Eye Deck”.

However, although the broadcast is focused on bright light, apparently from a fan, another kind of light can be seen in the playback. When the camera is panned, a much smaller light can be seen on the lower right side. The light seems to be synchronized with the bright light, so it may just be a reflection.

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In any case, both teams are confused about what happened.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Gary Sanchez noticed the same thing when receiving the ball.

“They said the red light was seen somewhere in the eyes of the batter,” Boone told reporters after the game. “Gary (Sanchez) said something, this happened when he was catching the ball. I don’t even know where it came from, but they said there was a red light flashing there.”

“However, I haven’t got a complete explanation yet, so I don’t know.”

Red Sox manager Alex Cora also noticed this.

“It was a beam of light, like a spotlight, coming from above the monument,” Cora said. “They have windows. There is a red light flashing between the courts. Then it’s white. But honestly it’s not a big deal. But (Vazquez) immediately noticed it in LeMahieu’s shot.”

Some fans, Even broadcast, Seems to imply that something evil is happening, such as the theft of signs. But both teams were confused by this question and neither accused the other of cheating. Maybe there will be an explanation later, but now this is just a strange thing happening.

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