Louisiana State University tries to get back to the top with a new coordinator

LSU is about to end the 5-5 season Self-imposed bowl ban And the Title IX survey-considering the height of the 2019 national championship season, this is one of the most disastrous additions in history.

However, LSU coach Ed Orgeron gave a cajun spin on what he learned in 2021.

“I will do it the way I want,” Orgeron said on Monday at the SEC Media Day. “If I can fix it, I will fix it. If I see something broken, I will fix it.”

Next, can we let Orgeron sing a cover of Sinatra’s “My Way”? Orgeron’s tenure is difficult to assess, but if the situation gets worse, it may be a curtain call.

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Sports News ranks Orgeron 14th Annual 1-130 Coach Ranking, The lowest ranking of active coaches with national championships. The ranking was affected by last season and the Title IX investigation involving former players Derius Gies and Drake Davis. Orgeron declined to comment At his press conference.

Which way will Orgeron go? Nick Saban won the BCS championship at Louisiana State University in 2003. The following season, the Tigers scored 9-3 before Saban went to the NFL. Les Miles won the national championship in 2011. The Tigers led the next four seasons with a 37-14 record, and Saban’s Alabama dynasty entered the college football playoff era.

Orgeron is on a different path compared to former Auburn coach Gene Chizik, who won the national championship in 2010 but was fired two years later after the 3-9 season. If Orgeron wants to do it his way, he can’t do it alone.

He will need the help of new coordinators Jake Peetz and Daronte Jones to reset a plan that has reached two extremes in the past two seasons.

This started with Pitts, who served as the Carolina quarterback coach with former Louisiana State University pass coordinator Joe Brady last season.

In 2019, when the Tigers led the FBS with 48.4 points, Brady won the Broyles Award when the Tigers trailed Heisman Trophy winner Jobrow with 48.4 points per game. This includes seven games with more than 50 points.

Brady went to the Carolina Panthers, and Louisiana State University averaged 32.0 points per game with offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger in 2020. The Tigers averaged 12.6 points per game in their losses to Alabama, Texas A&M University and Auburn.

Ensminger returned to the role of analyst, and Ogren returned to the well by hiring Pitts. His mission is to bring back that kind of unstoppable offense, first between Max Johnson (who led his sophomore year against Florida State last season) and the red shirt season Myles Brennan (Myles Brennan). Pick a quarterback between the two, the latter injured his abdomen after starting three games in 2020. Also mentioned freshman Garrett Nussmeier, so it is an open competition.

That is a short game.

“I want to see the same type of competition; the same type of adjustment is so successful for us,” Orgeron said. “It doesn’t mean that this is the only thing we have to run. But it will be the basis of our offense. This is the scattered offense we learned under Joe Brady.”

Peetz must prove that Burrow’s season-will not match-is not a year’s miracle for LSU. The Tigers must prove that they can produce an elite NFL quarterback every year. This is a long game, and the standard Orgeron is looking for it.

The recruits will pay attention. Louisiana State University got the promise of Walker Howard, a five-star quarterback for St. Thomas More in Lafayette, Louisiana.The Tigers will participate in the 2023 game Five-star quarterback Arch Manning, A junior at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. Manning also has offers from Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. Is this offense enough to attract those quarterbacks to stay near home?

That’s half of going back.

The defense is the third different coordinator in three years. Dave Aranda took over Baylor in 2020, and the one-year experiment with Bo Pelini was a disaster in 2020. Last season, the Tigers scored 41 points per game in losses to Alabama, Texas A&M University and Auburn (A&M).

The new defensive coordinator Daronte Jones’ task is to solve this problem. Future NFL cornerbacks Derek Stingley and Eli Rix, as well as Clemson’s transfer Mike Jones, should fit the line. guard. Orgeron also stated that a philosophical change is taking place on that side of the ball.

“We have to play more areas,” Orgeron said. “They will not close this level, close that level. We want our players to play, keep the ball in front of us and play.”

LSU has a top five recruiting class, which seems to be leading in terms of NIL, but the investigation is still pending. What happens on the court will be the deciding game. This is what makes LSU a prosperous or depressed team in 2021. Is LSU the team that was ignited by Mississippi and Missouri last season? Or did the Tigers learn from their end-of-season victories against Florida and Miss Ole to get back to what they were in 2019?

Orgeron pointed out that the latter must draw a semi-complete conclusion of all the events that occurred during the bumpy 2020 season.

It is also his way home.

“You have the third-ranked recruiting class, and 19 of your 22 starters have decided to come back,” Orgeron said. “So it shows that something is happening in the locker room. Some things are happening. Our players trust each other. I think all of these things ended up as an upward plan.”

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