Kyle Busch pushes the NASCAR race car in frustration after crashing in the rain in New Hampshire

Officially, Kyle Busch’s day ended after the crash on lap 3 of Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 on Sunday. In fact, it may end before the green flag is waved at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

NASCAR officials decided to allow racers to participate in Sunday’s race, which is the fifth from the bottom of the regular season, despite the mist on the track. It rained when the race started, and the drivers and pit crews told NASCAR that the race conditions were not optimal.

It all peaked on lap 1 of lap 3: Bush, who was runner-up in Atlanta last week, lost traction when entering the corner and slid to the wall. Martin Truex Jr.’s car was also damaged. Denny Hamlin, Ross Chastain and Alex Bowman were also involved in the accident, but their cars were not seriously damaged.

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The damage to 18 cars was enough to bring Bush’s day to an end. He was obviously frustrated. When he followed the NASCAR car, he let it show on the track and then pushed it on his way to the pit lane.

After the accident, NASCAR refused to let Busch drive his spare car. In any case, the camera captured the driver standing on his crashed car after the incident, saying that he “will not hold on until tomorrow for this matter–“.

Bush continues to broadcast NASCAR on NBC Sports Network TV broadcasts, or at least as much as possible without incurring fines. In any case, he reiterated that the driver should not be allowed to enter the track and his car has been completed:

“It shouldn’t turn green in the first place,” Bush said. “We have discussed two laps and it was raining. We are done. There is no way to solve this problem.”

As for why NASCAR decided to let the drivers on the track, the official may hope to complete at least half of the race before sunset (the New Hampshire Circuit has no lights). The local radar showed that most of the sky was clear, but the brief flood was enough to affect the game.

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