Adele’s reaction to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s key dunk in Game 5, using her greatest hit

The celebrity platoon in Game 5 of the NBA Finals includes music superstar Adele sitting on the sidelines. Her position allows her to watch the most important game of Saturday night.

Because of her reaction to that drama, she is now part of a very interesting online meme.

When Giannis Antetokounmpo had 13.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter, she watched the air relay from Jue Holiday from the bottom line, giving the Bucks a three-point lead over the host Suns. Phoenix’s Chris Paul fouled Giannis when he fouled in the air, making it one-on-one. Milwaukee continued to win 123-119 and lead the 3-2 series.

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During the dunk, her facial (and voice) expression images allowed the Internet (including some SN detectives) to start her record journey to find a suitable QT.

Game 5: The biggest highlight of the Bucks’ key victory

This is what we mean:

The internet is not sure if she supports Milwaukee (look at the reaction to Giannis!) or Phoenix (she is holding the towel from the Suns!). It’s best to think that she was playing for the Suns, because then we could say “We could have everything (now it’s over)” because Phoenix is ​​already leading 2-0 and is on the verge of elimination.

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