The German Olympic football team left the stadium after alleged racial discrimination against Toruna Riga during the conflict in Honduras

The friendly match between the German Olympic men’s football team and Honduras ended abruptly on Saturday when the players left the field for alleged racist abuse against Jordan Torunariga.

Stefan Kuntz’s team will face this Central American country and prepare for the 2020 Olympics starting next week.

Before the so-called incident, due to Felix Uduokhai’s goal, the two teams reached 1-1 and the German team evened the score.

what happened?

With five minutes left in the game, the players left the field.

The Twitter account of the German Olympic football team claimed that the players decided to leave because defender Toruna Riga was racially insulted.

“When the score was 1-1, the game had to stop five minutes before the end. After our player Jordan Torunariga was racially insulted, the German team left the court together,” the brief update read.

The German Football Association has confirmed the goal with Spocks The alleged insult was committed by a player from Honduras.

No audience watched the closed-door game in Wakayama, Japan.

What did you say?

After the game, Kunz commented: “As far as the game is concerned, this is a very high level. In the third quarter I want to know what happened to Jordan. There was a scuffle five minutes before the end of the game.

“I ran to Jordan because I saw his gestures. He was very frustrated. He said he was racially insulted for the second time. We decided to leave the court because it violated our values.

“The entire Honduras team went to the bench to apologize. This ended our problem with Jordan.”

“His (Torunarigha’s) teammates picked him up immediately and gave him a hug in the first few minutes. He was very upset. But you can tell that he was very happy to be with us. In the end, we even joked a little more. .

“The team is doing a good job. Of course, it helps when you see your colleagues supporting you. This is also a strong statement from Jordan, which is to say,’That’s enough.’

Honduras issued a statement via social media, insisting that the incident was a “misunderstanding.”

“Because a German player accused the Honduras national team of racist insults, the game ended at 87 minutes (minutes).

“On this issue, the Honduras national team stated that this situation is the result of a misunderstanding on the pitch.”

Torunarigha has suffered racial discrimination before

Torunarigha has suffered racist abuse in the past.

In February last year, the Hertha Berlin defender became the target of Schalke fans in the German Football Association’s match with Pocar. The Bundesliga team was subsequently fined 50,000 euros by the German Football Association for the incident.

Other recent cases of football racism

Racism in football has been a prominent issue this summer.

Three English players-Jaden Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bucayo Saka- Are all victims of racist abuse on social media Missed a penalty in the UEFA Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy.

Each player issued a statement on social media within a week against discrimination.

“In football or in any field of society, there is no room for any form of racism or hatred. Most people gather together to call on those who send this information to take action and report these comments to the police and drive to eliminate them by treating each other kindly. Hatred, we will win,” Saka wrote.

Like Sarkar, Rashford admits him Expect to receive racist messages And after he missed it, he commented, “I have grown into a sport and I want to read articles about myself.

“Whether it is my skin color, where I grew up, or recently I decided how to spend off the court. I can criticize my performance all day long. My penalty is not good enough. I should have scored, but I will never do it for me I apologize for who it is and where I come from.”

Racism on social media has been a recurring issue in the past year, with many players highlighting the abuse they have received, prompting English football boycotts Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Try to force them to solve this problem.

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