Rafael Varane: Manchester United close to reaching personal terms with Real Madrid defender Football News

Manchester United is about to reach a personal agreement with representatives of Real Madrid defender Rafael Varane.

Once a final agreement is reached, it is hoped that Manchester United can quickly negotiate costs with Real Madrid and add the French international to their lineup.

However, Manchester United remains cautious, but hopes to reach an agreement before the end of the summer transfer window.

It is thought that Varane will welcome the transfer, and the 28-year-old player’s contract will expire next summer.


Tottenham Hotspur’s Rebecca Spencer believes that Marcus Rashford’s injury may have a major impact on Sancho’s introduction to Manchester United.

If they are not sold in this transfer window, the real risk is to lose him in vain.

Since joining Real Madrid from the French team Lens in the summer of 2011, Varane will be another important statement to compete with Manchester City for the Premier League title next season. He has become one of the best defenders in the world.

He has played more than 350 times for the club and 79 times for the French team, helping them win the World Cup in 2018 and starting all four games in the 2020 European Cup before they were eliminated from Switzerland.

Eduardo Kamavenga


Dharmesh Sheth said Manchester United is interested in signing 18-year-old Rennes and French defender Eduardo Kamavenga.

Varane: Is there a missing piece in Manchester United’s defensive puzzle?

Jack Wilkinson of Sky Sports:

Let’s face it, although they have undoubtedly improved as a defensive pair last season, Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof have not yet demonstrated an atmosphere of confidence and authority, indicating that they will become a lethal team. Manchester United returns to the central defender combination of the championship.

England forward Jayden Sancho (PA)


Sancho told those who racially discriminated against him after a penalty kick in the Euro 2020 final against Italy, they would never win with their own actions.

Whether right or wrong, Lindelof has always been seen as a weak link in cooperation, while Eric Bailey has been completely excluded. Purchasing upgrades and Maguire have been designated as areas of improvement for Manchester United and Rafael Varane, and they may have just found what they are looking for.

However, the four-backs composed of Varane and Maguire at the center-back position, with Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka serving as full-backs, which will undoubtedly represent an improvement in quality.

Maguire has proved for the club and the country that his leadership qualities and technical ability can withstand people’s expectations, coupled with Varane’s speed and experience, Manchester United will have the strongest defensive lineup since the last championship.

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