Enjoy the double fun of brilliant snowfall at the Irish Oak Park in Curragh | Motorsport News

Snowfall performed well again, becoming the 15th female to complete the British/Irish Oak Doubles at Curragh.

Aidan O’Brien’s ponies defeated their opponents on Epsom and won with a record length of 16 horses. She played at home in a similar competition in Ireland sponsored by Juddmonte A similar display.

After scaring away a lot of opposition, Snowfall is 2-7’s favorite, she did not disappoint.

The early running was done by one of her three stable partners, La Joconde, in the eight-place runner-up lineup, while Nicest and Willow were close together.

Ryan Moore’s snow fell just in time to catch up with the field, until the field turned home, and soon after she started to act-once she rushed to the first two furlongs, there was only one result.

The snowfall started, just staying away from the others, scoring eight and a half lengths, providing O’Brien with a sixth game victory.

Divinely is the second person to handle the program for Ballydoyle. The best, trained by O’Brien’s son Donacha, ranked third.

The snowfall was cut from 5-1 to 4-1 Arc de Triomphe with Coral and 4-1 from 11-2 with Paddy Power.

O’Brien said: “She is very smart and very qualified.

“We deliberately let her be a little disappointed on Epsom because the season is about to start and Epsom’s ground is very soft.

“The plan is to come here and go to the Yorkshire Oaks, and then she can prepare for the fall.

“I am very satisfied with her, she has done a good job with Epsom’s body and she has become very strong.

“Ryan said she is fast. She is very strong and she performs very well.

“We are now playing one game at a time, starting with the Yorkshire Oaks.”

When she was two years old, O’Brien said: “She is a natural little mare, we have to let her relax, so we don’t have to worry too much. Always focus on turning her off.

“Things are not good for her. Her first run was over five and a half furlongs in Navan, and Mother Earth was second.

“Then she came back here to find a virgin, and Seamus (Heffernan) almost fell off her. That’s why it takes a few runs to win a virgin. It may be a blessing in disguise, because she became very mature and grew up mentally. Up.

“Because she was busy at the beginning of the season, this could cause losses at the end of the season-although she was perfect mentally and physically, she ran a few times.

“She ran a mare mile with Mother Earth, and we almost stood with her on Mother Earth’s side. This is how we always think of her.

“She is also raised by the boys, she has some blood.

“We always thought that the fast ground was her business, and I was very worried about her ground at Epson.”

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