USMNT takeaways and player results: new faces in the Gold Cup appear in the offensive clinic

Yes, it is Martinique. But the US men’s national team, which defeated the Caribbean island nations 6-1 on Thursday, should make most skeptics reconsider the “B” team label they gave to the Gold Cup team when the roster was announced.

A small number of players recorded a show that required another performance. Daryl Decker (two goals), Gianluca Busio, Eric Williamson, George Bello, Christian Roldan, James Sands and rookie Matthew Hope It may not be a household name, but their show will make American fans excited. The USMNT player pool is really deep.

“I like the reaction of these people and how they eagerly score goals, push the offense, move the ball forward, pass the ball to the goal, all these are the ways we want to play football,” American coach Greg Berhalt said after the game.

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After the victory over Haiti and Martinique, the first big test of the US Gold Cup will be against Canada on Sunday, and the first place in Group B will qualify. The United States will have to win the game to get the top spot, while Canada leads with only one goal in the goal difference column.

USMNT and Martinique takeaway

Offensive Football Clinic

Compared with the opener against Haiti, there are many more football matches in the group starting on Thursday. Including Williamson, Hope, Busio, and Sands from the beginning, this gave the US team a real infusion of qualities: aggressive touch, dribbling ability, offensive vision, and line-to-line passing.

The Americans were very happy, it was obvious from the beginning, because they were trying to make up for the huge gap in goals compared with the first place Canada. They almost succeeded. The American tactical setup was not harmed: the new-looking personnel looked comfortable in Berhalt’s 3-4-3 formation.

Who won another start for himself?

Berhalt did not let himself be overwhelmed by his post-match performance. He will wait to see how the rest of the game will fight against stronger opponents, and then make any judgments on players who may have a chance to return in the September World Cup qualifiers.

But he couldn’t help but praise the young people of Busio (19), Sands (21) and Belo (19)-“These people left a deep impression on me in the training camp,” Berha When Walter talked about them-he also emphasized the play of the attackers Dike (21) and Hoppe (20).

Berhalt said that Hope (pictured below), based in Germany, “does a great job”, noting that he was asked to hold multiple positions in the game. Speaking of Dick, he has scored three goals in the past three games, and Berhalt is doing his best to brake: “I think he did a good job, he scored some good goals, he showed Why do we really evaluate him, we think he is an important part of our team. But we will not draw conclusions about anyone based on anyone tonight.”

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Busio and Williamson in the midfield, as well as Sants’ passing from behind, set the tone and pushed the team forward. The safer, slower, and hindered American pass to Haiti disappeared as the lineup changed. If Berhalt returns to 4-3-3, the Williamson-Busio-Lettergate or Acosta-Busio-Williamson midfielder will be very interesting.

How did the United States do this?

Since Sunday is a must, the United States will have to play against Canada again. The Canadian team that participated in the game earlier on Thursday showed that despite having won eight straight, their defense is weak.

It is difficult to see Berhalt undermining the cohesion shown by the team that defeated Martinique, although given the brief transition between matches, change seems inevitable. The 3-4-3 formation may be an aspect of the team’s continuation, because it can play well against Canada’s own 3-4-3.

“Today I think the second goal is not good enough. I think our competition on them is not good enough,” Berhalt said when asked to point out the shortcomings in the United States against Martinique. “I think our position can be improved. Sometimes we are too open in midfield. Our defensive pressure could have been better, and our chances changed-we had 22 shots and we only scored 6 goals. These are all It is something that needs improvement.”

USMNT player ratings

GK-Matt Turner: 6.5
When the team needed them most, they made a major save again. Surprisingly, he was not seen swooping in either direction in Martinique’s penalty attempt.

LW-George Bello: 6.5
A powerful outing as a starter. Although we didn’t really see his electric shock running and his 1-to-1 ability demonstrated in MLS, USMNT doesn’t need it tonight. His work efficiency, the pressure and defensive screens he puts on the court is enough.

LCB-Miles Robinson: 6.5
Overall a good game. He was agile and aggressive, he won one-on-one fights, and he even scored a goal in a round corner kick.

CB-James Sands: 6.5
His high football IQ allows him to perform well in the central defender trio. Just like in NYCFC, he has position awareness, he read the game well, and he showed timing that is not common among 21-year-olds. In more challenging moments, he is resourceful and often makes the right decisions.

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RCB-Walker Zimmerman: 6.5
The Captain America on Thursday showed typical aggressiveness on the defensive end, but the three-man defense may give him more freedom, and he does go out of range sometimes. But it was this approach that made him efficient and allowed him to set the tone for his team.

RW-Shaqmore: 6
He was the protagonist against Haiti, but the game did not go through him. Despite this, he remained patient and did not force it. When he was found in the game, Moore came up with a good way, sometimes to cross, shoot or pick teammates.

C-MID — Eric Williamson: 7
After adapting to the rhythm with his midfield partner, Williams really entered the state and demonstrated his skills, confidence and passing ability to get the starting position in the MLS Portland Timbers. When he didn’t pass the ball, he was fouled. Once he was in possession of the ball in a bad position, but he made up for Robinson’s goal with a brilliant blow from the cross.

C-MID — Gianluca Busio: 7
Busio was the team’s field leader. He gave USMNT the motivation to attack and contributed an assist for the sixth goal. He pushed up on the field and was a real threat when he joined the offense, hitting the crossbar in the game, leading to the US team’s second goal. He also took most of the American set-pieces.

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FWD-Matthew Hope: 7.5
The Schalke forward made an impressive debut. The quality of almost every touch he made stood out from the rest of the group. Regardless of his skill level, he did a lot of running, including multiple retracements. But this is not aimless running: he is very clever, and he always finds a good position on the court. He definitely won another start.

FWD — Daryl Dick: 7.5
Dick was selected from the beginning, and when he was so aggressive, he was a nightmare for the opposition. His size (two headers that led to a goal), speed and strength (a defensive running goal) have all been fully demonstrated. Except for Jozy Altidore, no other player in the US pool can bring a similar game.

FWD-Christian Roldan: 7
He is the player he usually plays for the club and the national team. Roldan is productive in every situation he finds: in high positions, outside or in his own half. He provided excellent assists for Gyasi Zardes’ goal, but unfortunately he did not score.


FWD-Nicolas Gioacini: 6.5
He played his role in the full offense of the US team, and most of the time he touched the ball to create danger. The goalkeeper rejected him twice, but he finally scored in a clever run in the 6-yard penalty area in the 90th minute.

RW-Kailin Acosta: 5.5
He replaced Shakmore on the right wing and quickly lost his team a goal. The usually reliable Acosta was defeated by a Martinique player on the dribble and pulled him into the penalty area, resulting in the US team being unable to beat the Canadian team on Sunday to receive a penalty, which could eventually put the US team in B Ranked first in the group.

FWD-Gyasi Zardes: 6.5
Perhaps ignited by Dick’s strong exit, Zadez was full of energy in the last 20 minutes and helped achieve one of his goals by rushing into space and applying the striker’s finish.

CB-Donovan Pine: Not applicable
The debut of DC United Academy products gave him some taste at the international level and freed him from the first few tensions.

CM-Jackson Uyle: Not applicable
If you are a midfielder, this is an interesting game. Uyel can help maintain the advancement of the US offensive.

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