NHL Transaction Tracker: List of transactions completed during the 2021 off-season

With expansion drafts and free agents — and a flat cap — the 2021 NHL offseason is expected to be a rotation and trade.

“There are a lot of teams that need to make very big decisions,” Brian Lawton, the former Charger general manager, told Stephen Wynow“Now trying to figure out what they can accomplish is fast and intense.”

Regarding the extended draft, the team will seek to gain something for players they might lose in the draft. Then came the free agent market that started on July 28. Many teams are short on funds, hoping to make room not only to re-sign their free agents, but also to attract new players.

Rumor has it that many big names are in the trading zone, including Sabres’ Jack Eichel. A domino has fallen: The Black Hawks sent three-time Stanley Cup champion Dunken Keith to the Oilers on July 12.

NHL free agent: UFA, RFA for all 31 teams

The offseason in 2021 is short because the new season is scheduled to start in mid-October. Therefore, the expectation is that things will become fast and fierce.

Sports News is tracking every transaction completed during the 2021 offseason.

NHL Trade Tracker 2021

date team Player team Player
July 1 king Victor Avidson (F) Predator 2021 second-round pick, 2022 third-round pick
July 12 Oiler Ducan Keith (D), Tim Soderlund (F) Blackhawks Caleb Jones (D), 2022 Conditional Draft
July 14 Oiler Future considerations hurricane Dylan Wells (G)
July 15 demon Ryan Graves (D) avalanche Mikhail Maltsev (F), 2021 second-round pick

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