Brooks Koepka mocked Bryson DeChambeau after the driver’s comment: “I love my driver”

With a kick-off into the left backcourt, Brooks Koepka rewritten the score to 4-0.

Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau’s feud was mostly trivial and interesting, and the two golfers shared a very healthy aversion to each other. There is enough beef to feed a small village between them.

De Chambord was recently interviewed and complained about the quality of his drivers after the first round of the British Open. A representative of his club manufacturer said his tirade was “8 year-old” able to do.

Koepka used this opportunity again to adjust DeChambeau, offering a face-to-face comedy jab on Friday.

“I hit the ball well and I love my driver,” Koepka said, with a small, mischievous smirk. (It’s really a poker face.)

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However, Koepka did not stop there: he threw another fast batter in the direction of De Chambeau on Twitter.

“Drive to the weekend!” Koepka’s tweet read. Another wonderful moment.

De Chambeau later apologized for his “unprofessional” comments to the driver.

Golf scores fluctuate, but hope this little thing will last forever.

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