When is the NHL expansion draft?Date, time, rules, etc. selected by the Seattle Krakens

The 2021 NHL offseason has arrived, and the activities are already very lively. But before the usual events such as drafts and free agents began, the NHL’s latest franchise was given, uh, Kraken built their roster.

Yes, Seattle Kraken is officially official and they are here to take away players from your favorite team. Just like in previous years of expansion—the most recent time was the Golden Cavaliers in 2017—Kraken will select players from every team except Vegas.

When the NHL’s 32nd team begins to take shape, everything you need to know is here.

When is the NHL expansion draft in 2021?

  • date: Wednesday, July 21
  • time: 8 p.m. EDT

Two days before the next generation of NHL stars are selected, general manager Ron Francis, head coach Dave Hakstall and staff will select 30 players to fill their roster. The draft will be broadcast live in Seattle.

Dave Hakstall: Meet the first head coach of Kraken

On which channel will the NHL expansion draft in 2021 be broadcast?

  • Television (United States): ESPN2
  • Television (Canada): SN, SN Now, TVA Sports

The draft is scheduled to start at 8pm Eastern Time on July 21. ESPN will broadcast the event live in the United States, marking the beginning of a new contract between the network and the NHL. Canadian fans can see who they have lost from the SN1 team roster.

What are the 2021 NHL expansion draft rules?

This year’s expansion draft follows the same rules as the 2017 Golden Cavaliers.

This is a breakdown.

30 NHL teams:

  • They can protect 7 forwards, 3 defenders and 1 goalkeeper or 8 players (any combination of forwards and defenders) and 1 goalkeeper.
  • Players who do not need protection and cannot be selected: first- and second-year players and unsigned draft picks.
  • Any player with a prohibition on movement must be protected. The player can abandon it and then it will not be protected. As of July 15, Eric Johnson of the Avalanche, Milan Lucic, Jeff Skinner of the Sabres According to reports, the star bishop has given up theirs.
  • An exposed defensive player and two forwards must not only sign a contract in 2021-22, but must also play 27 or more games in 2021, or 54 or more NHL games during 2019-20.
  • The exposed goalkeeper must sign a contract for the 2021-22 season, or be a restricted free agent pending confirmation.
  • Players on the long-term injury reserve team, as well as players with potential end-of-career injuries, who have missed more than 41 consecutive games (or have been confirmed to have career-threatening injuries) are not protected and may be exempt from picking.

more: According to reports, the Canadians’ Shay Webber was not protected in the extended draft and missed the 2021-22 season.

For the Kraken:

  • They must choose 30 players-at least 14 forwards, 9 defenders and 3 goalkeepers.
  • At least 20 of these players must sign a contract for the 2021-22 season and are worth between 60% and 100% of the salary cap ($81.5 million).
  • The selected players will not be bought out until next summer.

Important dates before the 2021 NHL expansion draft

Friday: The deadline for the player to waive the inactivity clause.

on Saturday: The freezing of transactions, exemptions and signings began at 3 pm Eastern Time. This continued until 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday. The team also needs to submit their protected list to the NHL and NHLPA by 5 pm Eastern Time.

on Sunday: Starting at 10 am Eastern Time, Kraken will have an unprotected pending UFA/RFA interview period. The protected list is also expected to be announced on Sunday.

on Wednesday: Big day! But first, at 10 am Eastern time, Kraken must submit their draft picks to the NHL and NHLPA.

Why can the Golden Knight be exempted?

Only 30 teams will lose a player because the Golden Cavaliers are now the second youngest team in the NHL and will not be affected by this year’s expansion draft. According to Emily Kaplan of ESPN, This is a deal reached by Las Vegas boss Bill Foley in 2016 with the NHL. The point is that they didn’t get a share of Seattle’s $650 million expansion fee.

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