Kris Bryant’s father was very angry at Joe Buck’s trading question during the microphone call of the All-Star Game

Don’t count Chris Bryant’s father as one of Joe Buck’s fans.

In the All-Star Game, Kobe was urged by Fox player Joe Buck to talk about the rumors surrounding the Cubs star trade, which caused quite an embarrassing moment on the court.

Kobe’s father Mike Bryant disputed Buck’s question.

“I can’t express my disappointment when Joe Buck asked my son about his future with the Cubs in the left court of the All-Star Game.” Mike Bryant tells the little bear the inside story. “This is a classless behavior and has no place in the game. I am happy that I am in the game rather than watching the game. There is a time and place for such a thing, but it is not both. Chris should apologize.”

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Although there is no rule prohibiting strong news reporting while on the microphone, Kobe’s father may have some points: there is a time and place to ask questions of this nature, and when celebrating the biggest star of the sport, ask them to read the room completely. .

It is commendable that Kobe answered Buck’s question elegantly and calmly.

“Now, I still have the’Cubs’ hanging on my chest, and I am proud of it,” Bryant said. “I am proud to play for such an incredible city. Unless they tell me I am not, I will go there and give everything I have.”

Kobe is one of the few cubs players that may enter the trading zone in the coming weeks before the July 31 deadline, Jok Pedersen, Javie Baez, Anthony Rizzo and Craig King Blair may also land in his new uniform on August 1.

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