Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs explained his sarcasm of Justin Herbert of the Chargers: “I respect him very much”

Patrick Mahomes wanted to make it clear that he respects the Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

In a recent interview, Mahomes clarified that his comments on the NFL offensive rookie of the year at the celebrity golf tournament were purely for fun. He was just “speaking nonsense” to some AFC West fans of the non-Chiefs who attended the event.

“Yes, I think it is taken out of context,” Mahomes told USA Today Sports“I was talking rubbish to the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers fans. As a player, I respect him very much.”

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During the American Century Championships in Lake Tahoe in 2021, Mahomes’ views of Herbert happened. A fan participating in the celebrity golf tournament called Mahomes before the 2021 NFL season to warn him about Herbert. Fans said: “Be careful of Justin Herbert next year.”

The Chiefs quarterback shot back and said: “I will see it when I believe it.”

Naturally, Mahomes’ comments exploded because of the shadow he threw at Herbert. But Mahomes made it clear that he admires the Lightning quarterback and believes that Herbert’s rookie year is “a special thing.”

Mahomes said: “It’s a special thing for him to get out of the game in the first year and play that level.” “Not many people can do it. And I know I will have a lot of difficult matches with him in the future. . So I think it’s a joke, and I think it exploded on Twitter like most things.”

In fact, Herbert’s first season in Los Angeles was impressive. The Oregon product completed 66.6% of passes, 4,336 yards, 31 pass touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He set a rookie pass record (31 times) and a 300-yard pass game (7 times), only 38 yards away from the 4,374-yard rookie passing record of Drew Luck. In the first game against Mahomes and the Chiefs, Herbert led the Chargers into overtime and then lost three points.

In his second season, Herbert will improve and find a way to take his game to a new level under the leadership of the new coaching staff. Either way, Mahomes will not take the challenge lightly. However, when he has a chance, he will shoot him friendly.

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