Max Scherzer almost beheaded in response to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Vladimir Guerrero Jr.) during the All-Star Game

Max Scherzer is very thankful that he is still alive, and so are we.

The national team’s trump card started in the 2021 All-Star Game. This was the fourth start in his career, but this was the first time he was almost beheaded by an opposing batter.

In the first game, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit an absolute scream and almost missed Scherzer’s head, resulting in a harmless game. Guerrero then walked over after crushing and gave him an apologetic hug.

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Scherzer is very grateful to escape the incident without being seriously injured, as he explained after AL 5-2 defeated NL.

“I’m still alive; this is the success story. I am grateful that I still have one blue eye and one brown eye,” Scherzer said after the game.

Scherzer said the combination of position, batsman, and the way he fell from the mound made him “the worst nightmare for a pitcher.”

Thankfully, Scherzer escaped danger. He was hugged by Fradito because he was worried.

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