Major League Baseball trade rumors: Chris Bryant and Joey Gallo lead the All-Star roster and may be traded soon

Denver-Even here, at Mile High City to celebrate the first half, there are a few All-Star players who want to know what the next few weeks will look like.

Some of them will almost certainly be traded-hi, Chris Bryant! ——Some other people may also be dealt with. It’s a strange situation to represent a team in this show and know that you will soon be wearing the uniform of another team.

Joey Gallo is one of these players, and he was asked about this possibility on Media Day.

“After all, in my mind and heart, I think I will become a ranger,” Gallo said. “This is the whole of my life, so I can’t really consider not becoming a Texas Ranger. But in the final analysis, this is a business. If the team feels that moving me might be more suitable for them, then I understand. But you still Play hard every day and win the game.

“I am not too worried about what happens outside of my control.”

Of course, this feeling is very common. Let’s take a look at which players may be traded before the July 30 deadline.

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Chris Bryant, Cubs

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

idea: After basically losing the 2020 season, Kobe returned to his original form in April and May, with an average score north of 0.300, a base percentage higher than 0.400, and a shooting percentage of more than 0.600. However, his June was a disaster. He hit 0.114 in 23 games, and the Cubs followed him.

However, July’s sample size is small, and his versatility will be seen as a huge advantage to the team that acquired him. He can serve as a full-time starter at third base or any corner outfield position. He can also serve as a midfielder while playing the MVP level on the court. Yes, please.

Potential destination: metropolis. No competitor needs an offensive kick more than the Mets. Of course, a big problem is that they just need their veterans to play better — hey, Jeff McNeill, Michael Confort and Francisco Lindo — but add a versatile bat like Kobe to the lineup. It is a dream solution.

Joey Gallo, the Wanderer

Contract status: Arbitration for another year; free agent after 2022

idea: Forget his slow start and first round elimination in the home run derby. Gallo is one of the best powerful batsmen in the game. He has 24 home runs this season, including 11 home runs in the last 12 games into the All-Star Weekend. He leads the AL with 72 walks, which is an important reason for his hit rate of 0.402 in 2021.

He is a big man (6-5, 250 pounds), but he can play all three outfield positions, although he may not be a full-time choice for a center. In 2019, he did start 25 games there. His career first base has 72 starts, so he has more flexibility.

Of course, the Rangers do not have to trade him. It is worth mentioning that they did not trade Lance Lynn last season when he was in a similar “one year left” situation.

Potential destination: Priest. Hey, San Diego’s goal is to win the World Series. Padres are really good because they are currently building, but they are motivated and have a farm system to trade Gallo. They are happy to add a left-handed power bat to the lineup with Fernando Tatis Jr., Manny Machado, Tommy Pham and Co..

Nelson Cruz, twins

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

need to know: Of course, he is just a DH-he has just turned 41 and has not participated in a game since 2018-which limits his suitors to American League teams. But this is the only shortcoming of Cruz, he is the same stable batter and power source as in the game. His average batting rate is again close to 0.300, with 18 home runs and 162 OPS+.

Potential destination: As. A’s lineup needs more popularity, and Cruz has no additional funds after 2021. However, don’t completely exclude the White Sox if Eloy Jimenez or Louis Robert encounter setbacks on the way back from Illinois.

Kyle Gibson, Wanderer

Contract status: One year, 7 million US dollars remaining

idea: This is Gibson’s ninth year as a big man, and he has never been so good. Gibson is a right shooter who played college in Mizzou, with a 2.29 ERA. In a season where the starting pitcher checked regularly after five innings, Gibson lasted at least six full games in 13 of his 17 starts. He is currently a prize in the starting pitcher market, and someone has to pay more to get him.

Remember what we mentioned about Lynn with Gallo? Yes, just because the Rangers can trade Gibson doesn’t mean they will.

Potential destination: Cardinals. Yes, the Cardinals are far ahead in this year’s playoffs, but they fully intend to compete in 2022. It makes sense to act now to get Gibson.

Adam Fraser, Pirate

Contract status: Arbitration for another year; free agent after 2022

idea: How many teams can use this year’s second baseman with a batting rate of 0.330? Almost every competitor can find a place for him on the court. Remember, Frazier is now a full-time second baseman, but he has played 156 outfield games in his career, mainly on corner kicks.

Potential destination: Yankees. If the Yankees decide to run, he is perfect. He is the left-handed in the right-heavy lineup. He can hit more home runs on the right court with that short porch. And, in most cases, the Yankees really need the consistency of a 0.330 batting rate to win in front of all these heavy hitters.

Nick Castellanos, Red Army

Contract status: Two years, 32 million U.S. dollars, 20 million U.S. dollars in reciprocal options in 2023; opt-out after the 2021 season

idea: This may not be possible, but opting out is a big deal. If the Reds are too far behind the Brewers at NL Central-basically, like what happened to the Cubs and Cardinals in June-they may decide to move Castellanos.

He has proven his worth as a batsman, and as the team resumes full attendance, in the upcoming offseason, Castellanos’ services may have a good market. If the Red Army thinks he might choose to withdraw, they can transfer him.

Potential destination: Brave. Even before Ronald Acuna was seriously injured, Atlanta needed a big outfield bat. Now, if the Warriors feel they are competitors, they almost have to take some action to upgrade their offense.

Craig Kimbrel, Cubs

Contract status: $16 million club option in 2022; $1 million buyout

idea: Is there any player who will return to trading value more than Kimbrel in 2021? In the first two seasons he played for the team, he was basically a disaster for the Cubs, increasing the SR to 6.00 in 41 games. But he has returned to old Kimbrel this season, posting a 0.59 ERA, 53 strikeouts, and only allowed 10 hits in 30 2/3 innings.

He is the bullpen figure that almost every competitor desires.

Potential destination: astronaut. With the club approaching, Ryan Pressly performed very well (1.50 ERA, 9.2 K/BB, 15 saves out of 16 chances), but the rest of the bullpen has always been. .. Well, we can only say that it is not a force. This is a club motivated to win everything in 2021, in an effort to show that previous success-including the 2017 World Series championship-is more than just cheating. Still, you know, the Astros must have cheated.

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