Liam Hendrix of the White Sox swears a storm with a hot microphone during the All-Star Game

FOX provided microphones to players such as Freddie Freeman, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Nelson Cruz during the broadcast of the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, providing audiences with a unique experience of listening to the baseball superstars in real time.

Liam Hendriks, who is close to the White Sox and the American League All-Star team, did not know that his microphone was still working in the ninth inning of the Midsummer Classic. What happens when a closer person tries to bring victory to his team without knowing that the whole world is listening to him? Well, let’s say that young viewers may have learned some new words.

(Note: The video below contains strong language.)

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Hendricks could also tell receiver Mike Zunino through the microphone during the game that his microphone was not working and he did not hear any sound throughout the night, which he later confirmed to Jayson Stark of The Athletic.

Yes, “Beep Boy” is not the point.When he struck out and hit two hits in the ninth game without scoring, the explosion was loud and clear Determined that the American League defeated the National League 5-2.

Hendricks had previously expressed concern about being turned on by the microphone during the game. He told Matt Snyder of the CBS Sports Channel that this would be a “bad idea.”

Hendricks told LaMond Pope of the Chicago Tribune that he was happy to learn that he was being heard all the time.

Twitter is also happy to hear that AL rescue leaders are themselves on the mound.

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