Knicks trade rumors: after Cavaliers guard Colin Sexton, New York is “most aggressive”

Go east, young man.

After a surprisingly disappointing first-round defeat by the Hawks in the regular season, the Knicks hope to re-adjust their lineup in the 2021-22 season-this may be Cavaliers guard Colin Sexton Performance.

Shams Chalanya of the track team reports on the Knicks “Most aggressive” Sexton’s trade suitor. Jason Lloyd of The Athletic recently reported that Sexton is, In fact, “very usable”.

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Sexton is about to end his best offensive season in the league, averaging 24 points per game and shooting more than 47% from the field. This will definitely satisfy the Knicks’ need for good guards and help them in the rotation. Lack of offensive ability.

The Knicks seem to have been looking for the answer to a long-term starting point guard, which seems to have been since Methuselah walked the earth. After trading Derrick Rose last season, the New York team received strong support from Derrick Rose, but Rose is a free agent.

This makes New York’s Emmanuel Quikley, Frank Nilikina and the upcoming Argentine European basketball star Luca Verdoza potential choices for the start of next season. Of course, this is not the most encouraging group, and Sexton will be an obvious and obvious upgrade.

Sexton enters the 2021-22 season, with one year left on his rookie contract, and Cleveland is unlikely to provide him with a rookie maximum salary contract. There are also rumors that the Knicks are doing “homework” for Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard.

With sufficient trading funds in the next few years and some young assets they can give up, the Knicks are indeed capable of completing transactions of this nature.

Now we wait to see if Cleveland will bite.

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