2021 Tokyo Olympics: The medal ceremony is undergoing “very significant changes”

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will look very different from usual. It is worth noting that there will not be any fans participating in the Olympics, but the audience will also notice a “very significant change” in another long-standing tradition.

Athletes will no longer get medals by hanging them around their necks. Instead, as IOC President Thomas Bach confirmed on Wednesday, they will be placed on pallets to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

“Medals will not hang around your neck,” Bach told the international media that every ESPN“They will be presented to the athletes on a pallet, and the athletes will win their medals.

“It will be ensured that those who put the medals on the tray will only wear sterilized gloves so that athletes can ensure that no one has touched them before.”

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Preventive measures will not stop there. Bach also confirmed that there will be no contact between the athletes at the award ceremony.

Bach said: “There will be no handshake or hugs during the ceremony.”

Considering the situation in Tokyo, this is not surprising. The country is in a state of emergency ahead of the Olympics, which will begin on Friday, July 23.

Nevertheless, the International Olympic Committee will not postpone or cancel the Olympics at the last minute. The show will continue, but due to the strict COVID protocol, it looks different from any other Olympics before it.

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