U.S. vs. Argentina scores, updates, highlights of the 2021 Olympic men’s basketball exhibition match

This sentence may sound crazy, but it is true: the US men’s basketball team really needs a victory now.

The US team hopes to avoid a three-game losing streak against Argentina on Tuesday night. The Americans unexpectedly lost to Nigeria and Australia in the first two exhibition games, causing many fans to worry about the approach of the Tokyo Olympics.

But American coach Gregg Popovich doesn’t sound too worried because he focuses more on the process than the result.

“I’m very happy. I think we got better tonight,” Popovich said after losing to Australia. “After a short time together, there are a lot of things to cover, but the first half and the second half are two different beasts. In the first half, we defended the way we wanted, and we defended Nigeria the way we didn’t. We are more physically strong. . Our defense lasts longer. We rebound better. We move the ball better and faster on the offensive end.

“In the second half, we were exhausted. When this happens, your spirit will also take a little bit, and we did not maintain the rebound in the same way. The defense is different. Our pace is different… in general It’s totally understandable to say that we need more training. We just stick to the process of trying to get better in each game. We did it tonight, so I’m satisfied with what I saw.”

Can the US team avoid another upset?

Sports news will provide real-time updates and highlights of the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball match against Argentina. Follow here.

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U.S. vs. Argentina

the first season Q2 Q3 Fourth quarter final
United States

Real-time updates from the United States and Argentina, highlights

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5:40 pm — The US team announced that Jason Tatum will not play against the Argentina team.

How to watch American basketball games

Before the Americans travel to Tokyo, all five U.S. Olympic men’s basketball exhibition games will be broadcast live on NBCSN.

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date game Time (ET) TV channel
July 10 United States and Nigeria eight pm NBCSN
July 12 U.S. vs. Australia eight pm NBCSN
July 13 U.S. vs. Argentina 18:00 NBCSN
July 16 U.S. vs. Australia 18:00 NBCSN
July 18 United States and Spain Nine p.m NBCSN

When will the Olympics start?

The opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games is July 23. The men’s basketball tournament in two days will end on July 25, and a medal match will be held from August 6th to 7th.

The U.S. team is one of 12 teams eligible to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. It will participate in Group A competition. The opponents in the group stage will be France, Iran and the Czech Republic.

date game Time (ET)
July 25 United States and France Eight in the morning
July 28 U.S. vs. Iran 12:40 noon
July 31 United States and Czech Republic Eight in the morning
August 3 Men’s basketball quarterfinals To be determined
August 5 Men’s Basketball Semifinals To be determined
August 6 Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Match To be determined
August 7 Men’s Basketball Bronze Medal Match To be determined

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