Rob Manfred: If track and field must relocate, Las Vegas is a “viable option” for Oakland

As the track team continues to fight for Oakland’s new stadium, it becomes increasingly clear that they have options elsewhere. One of them will follow Raiders, their former partner at RingCentral Coliseum, and open a store in Las Vegas.

If it comes to this, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred seems willing to move to Las Vegas.

“For major league clubs, Las Vegas is a viable option,” Manfred said in a Q&A with the American Baseball Writers Association before the All-Star Game. “At this point, I haven’t let A go to explore other viable alternatives.”

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The track team’s lease in the stadium will last until 2024, but the Major League Baseball announced earlier during the 2021 campaign that the stadium is not viable. This is part of the reason why Manfred allowed the track team to explore another market.

“The Oakland Coliseum venue is not a viable option for the future vision of baseball,” The alliance said in a statement“We have instructed the track team to begin exploring other markets, while they continue to look for beachside courses in Oakland.

“The track team needs a new stadium to remain competitive, so it is in our best interest to consider other markets now.”

Team A has been playing in the stadium since 1968, but in recent years, the stadium has been degraded and suffered various problems. Most notably, in the past ten years, its plumbing problems and sewage leaks have affected the clubhouse.

Now that the ball is on the Oakland court, the city will soon decide whether to keep A. This involves deciding whether to accept A’s proposal for the beach stadium, for which the team will privately contribute $1 billion.

“So we will know in one way or another what will happen in Auckland in the next few months,” Manfred said. “If you can’t find a stadium, I think the relocation process, whether it’s Las Vegas or more cities under consideration, will speed up the pace.”

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