NHL Draft Sleeper: Five potential steals in 2021 include Ryan Master and Ben Boyd

Want to participate in the Stanley Cup? Hit your first-round pick. Then came the second round and those three points, four points, five points, six points and seven points. Find yourself some sleepers.

why? Just look at lightning.

Nikita Kucherov? Ten years ago, he was the 58th overall pick. Ondrej Palat ranked 208th in the same year. Brayden Point was selected with the 79th overall pick in 2014. Anthony Cirelli ranked 72nd in 2015, while the Stanley Cup winner Roscolton ranked 118th in 2016. None of these draft picks looked perfect on draft day. But after back-to-back cups, those sleeper swings now look a lot like home runs.

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It has never been so important to knock out some potential works in the NHL draft, and there will definitely be some big fluctuations in the 2021 curriculum.

Although no one can be sure which prospects will be popular, here is a list of five candidates who are likely to become Grand Slams in the future if they are selected in the 2021 NHL draft from July 23 to 24.

2021 NHL Draft Sleepers

Jimmy Finland, D, Jokerit U20 (Jr. A SM League)

FC Hockey Ranking: 120

Suomi is a sleeper because of his ability to eventually surpass his draft position. But if he slips, it won’t be because the team is sleeping on him. He played a loud game, and this is friction.

“Fast, moving defensive players are becoming more and more valuable in the NHL, and Suomi plays this style of hockey,” said FCHockey scout Derek Newmeier. “Not only is he quick and quick, but he also has an offensive mentality. He likes to put the puck on the stick and can create space for himself, sometimes making his opponent look silly when he escapes pressure.”

In this draft, few defensive players are more risky and rewarding than the 5-9, 147-pound guard who averaged more than 147 pounds in the junior year with Jokerit this season. When he felt it, things went very, very well. He is pure skill. When he was struggling, Sommy’s consciousness and decision-making were absolutely absent, which made him a huge burden.

“This is a very high-risk style of play, and Suomi has caused more trouble to yourself than you want to see,” Neumeier added. “Occasionally, he misreads or tries to force a game that does not exist, and the result is often a mistake.

“He was a risky choice because of a lot of development work. If he can maximize his skills and playing style while reducing errors, he may one day become a niche NHLer.”

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Sasha, C, Chilliwack (BCHL)

FC Hockey Ranking: 115

Teleguine, who is gradually moving towards averaging points per game this season, may be the draft’s forward version of Suomi.

He has the same dynamic skills as any player outside the top 100 in the 2021 draft and is one of the most dangerous and interesting players in Western Canada at this level. His skating is top-notch, and his vision and organizational skills are very attractive.

“He has the qualities of an elite skater and has an excellent vision whether he dribbles or not,” FCHockey scout Justin Frost pointed out. “He has good expressive skills and will open lanes with deceptive offenses. Honestly, I think this number could have been much better, but I like his vitality.”

Holding the hockey puck, Teleguine is full of energy. Without it, not so much. The 5-foot-10, 183-pound center has difficulty making promises when he is not the team’s preferred driver and is a burden for himself.

“How he tried to make him a mystery while staying away from cookies or cheating,” Frost said. “But the element of skill is real.”

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Ben boyd, C, Charlottetown (QMJHL)

FC Hockey Ranking: 283

In terms of tangible talent, Boyd does not have the high-end offensive skills that go hand in hand with Suomi and Teleguine. He really only scored 10 points this season (7 goals, 3 assists).

But there are some things that the team covets.

“Critics will point out the lack of improvement in many aspects of his game…hockey skills, skating, offensive organization, vision,” FCockey scout Sean Richardson began. “That being said, I describe him as having no talent in what he does not do, but being an elite in what he does.

“He is a player who is passionate about outposts, he likes to play physically and create turnovers. He is a bit ugly, but he is still fast. In front of the net, he is difficult to move. [He] Playing angrily, seeming to treat the players fighting him as a personal offense.

“When his team can’t move forward, he is a power shifter,”

Boyd is always willing to fight his opponents. At 6-3 pounds and 205 pounds, most of his interactions are punitive. Mixed with some untapped offensive potential, Boyd may be the final round of steals and eventually occupy a place in the NHL lineup.

“Players like Boyd are not as common as they used to be, which adds to his value,” Richardson said. “He can effectively play his role in a limited time and can also score.”

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Ryan Master, D, Sarnia (OHL)

FC Hockey Ranking: 277

The mast has all the ingredients.

size? He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. ice skating? He showed a powerful two-step burst, allowing him to reach top speed quickly. intuition? He is not shy to jump into the game to add a second layer of offense to the offense, he knows when to switch back to defense.

As the birthday in early January 2003, there is still a lot of room for growth and development. He will need it. Due to the pandemic, he missed the entire season of the Ontario Hockey League.

FCHockey scout Joseph Aleong said: “Mast’s size and aggressiveness can make him a second or third pair of defenders, with a certain strength to play the potential.” “His performance as an OHL rookie is impressive, but he is suffering. The struggling Sanya team has been neglected. If he can help lead a developing defensive team in all situations next season, it will consolidate his potential as a future NHL player.

It should be pointed out that he is not without the required growth areas. The blows to skilled young players include the fondness of turning the puck over and poor decision-making. This is the risk reward for potential sleepers like Mast.

“He is still prone to turnovers, and the same aggressiveness makes him an offensive threat in the transition and can also bring scoring opportunities,” Aleong added. “Master’s size, skating and offensive instincts are all qualities that scouts look for in the NHL draft, especially considering his scarcity as a right-shooting guard.”

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Justin Eitel, LW, Summerside (MJAHL)

FC Hockey Ranking: 273

Airtel has made great gains in this year’s draft. He played in the Maritime Junior Hockey League before heading to Cornell University next season. But he has not been ignored, and this is an imperfect power game that may make the team wonder how he slipped so far on draft day.

Ertel is 6-2 pounds tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has the coveted size and physique, and he has proven that he can use his unhurried ability to push defenders away and shoot convincing shots. kick off.

“Ertel’s absolute advantage is his ability to bring the ball into the net,” Richardson said. “Because of his speed, he is very good at kick-offs. He can go around corners on the defensive end. The combination of size and strength gives him very good ball protection skills.”

Speed ​​and power are a timeless fashion combination. Last season, he scored 28 points (9 goals, 19 assists) in Summerside, and his performance these days is not completely unpopular.

But there is also a reason that Airtel ranks higher in the sleep class than the foolproof part of the draft.

“For Airtel, he must become stronger to play that kickoff game, but the biggest problem is that his speed through the neutral zone must increase to maintain the ability to create offense in the sprint,” Richardson pointed out . His lack of explosive power means that he also needs to improve his timing and hockey support so that he can get the hockey puck in sports. “

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