How Arsenal lost the first game of the preseason: goalkeeper errors, free throws, missed opportunities against Hibernian

Arsenal fans are looking forward to restarting after a disappointing 8th place in the Premier League last season, but they have a clear sense of deja vu.

The Gunners lost 2-1 to Scottish club Hibernian in the 2021 preseason game. Although this is only a preseason game, it will unfold in a way that will allow coach Mikel Arteta and his players to play. Recall last season.

This was a game where the Arsenal goalkeeper misbehaved, failed penalty kicks and missed opportunities. Emile Smith Rowe provided the only glimmer of hope. Just like last season.

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Arsenal goalkeeper gaffe

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He is only 19 years old and he is making his debut at Arsenal-only four days later Sign a long-term contract -So the career of third-line goalkeeper Arthur Okonkovo ​​(above) can make up for the first unstable game. He was hesitant about how to clear the back pass, he sneered at it, put it on the plate and let Hibernian open the score.

For Okonkovo, it was a tense 45 minutes, and he also reported a cross that popped out of his hands. But his substitute at halftime, the 19-year-old Karl Jacob Hein, did not get much better during his tenure.

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Hein was caught because a ball floating in his six-yard box was taken home by Hibernian, leading 2-0. Again, there are three Hibernian players near the goal line (no Arsenal defenders)-so Hein has no real shots.

Players like Thomas Patty, Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe played at the end of half-time, but Patty hit the goal post on the set piece and Pepe saw his penalty kick in the 73rd minute by the goalkeeper ( Picture below) Save. Smith Rowe scored Arsenal’s only goal with a beautiful volley.

Highlights include: Cedric Suarez played for Arsenal at right-back, Pepe looked very committed, Lacazette was busy on the court, Eddie Enkatia performed well in the first half, despite not having which performed. But it’s still early: Arsenal’s next game will be against the Rangers on Saturday.

The Gunners hope to surpass the disappointing 8th place in the Premier League, which was the worst result since 1994-95 and was eliminated by Villarreal in the Europa League semi-finals. Their Premier League season will begin in Brentford on August 14.

Maybe there is a rebound season. It was announced a few days ago that the 2021-22 Arsenal team will become the next team in the latest Premier League. All or nothing docu series on Amazon Prime Video. The camera is in the Hibernian competition, social media is already looking forward to the first episode:

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