DK Metcalf strikes out in the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, reminding us that it’s hard to hit the ball

A very smart, very good baseball player once said, “It’s hard to fight.”

We all know that DK Metcalf is a weird athlete. The Seahawks wide receiver recently tried to break into the Olympics as a runner in the 100-meter sprint. Although he missed the promotion, he still performed well.

Fast forward to the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game in Denver, this game shows the sneaky athleticism of our unexpected guys—— Such as actor Kevin James -And low light moments, such as what we saw from Metcalfe on Monday night.

Metcalf was out in a shocking celebrity softball game. The musician Kwawo fanned him on four courts. This is definitely a strange sentence to be typed and read in 2021.

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Although there is certainly no shame in being out, Metcalf is the only celebrity who smells during the game. In his defense, the first blow seemed a bit too much. (The robot starts now!)

Baseball (or softball) is very difficult, even if you are a professional athlete like Metcalfe. On Monday, the Seahawks had some fun while stimulating fans and observers.

Let him come next year.

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