Damian Lillard’s trade rumors: The Warriors have “internally discussed” the pursuit of the Blazers star

We’ve seen Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard in the backcourt before during the NBA All-Star Game. Now, the Warriors seem to hope to achieve this goal during the NBA regular season.

This offseason, Lillard has been the subject of trading rumors. It is said that he has concerns Regarding Portland’s ability to build competitors around him, and being dissatisfied with how the Trail Blazers handled their coaching search.

If Lillard and the Blazers part ways, the Warriors will be interested in acquiring him. Anthony Slater The report said the team “has discussed internally” pursuing Lillard in the trade.

Will the Warriors participate? Yes it is. They will make a phone call and have discussed the idea internally. I believe most competitors will consider the smog in Portland.

If Lillard is free, many other teams will be interested in his service. The Knicks, Lakers, 76ers and Heat are just a few potential options.

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But the Warriors may be in a unique position to provide Lillard with a competitive offer without trading their stars, thanks to their rich draft funds and Andrew Wiggins’ contract.

Their theoretical quotation will be competitive. If the Blazers decide to trade Lillard, a complete reconstruction seems to be the wisest path. There is no better way to rebuild the trade than James Wiseman, who is the 7th and 14th pick in the upcoming draft. , Plus more future firsts, are attached to Andrew Wiggins as a salary match fill. The Thunder and other teams may have more attractive picks, but why should they spend these picks on a 30-year-old star?

Wiggins is about to end a season, his field goal percentage is 47.7%, and his three-pointer percentage is 38%. Both figures are career highs. His contract-with about $65 million left in two seasons-is not favorable, but if the Trail Blazers decide to break up with Lillard and rebuild in a comprehensive way, it may be tempting enough for the Trail Blazers.

After all, Wiggins is still only 26 years old and has averaged 19.5 points per game in eight seasons. Portland may be willing to accept him to see if he can become a valuable asset, especially if they get Wiseman and high-end draft funds in any transaction.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are happy to pair Lillard with Curry and Klay Thompson. The team will have three real knockdown shooters and it will be difficult to defend-provided that Thompson can return and play effectively after an Achilles tendon injury.

Of course, if they can, the Trail Blazers are more willing to keep Lillard. He was selected to the All-Star six times and has long been the spokesperson for the Portland team. Unless forced, otherwise they will not trade him, and Lillard recently stated that he did not ask the team to make any form of trade.

“At this point, many things are being said, and sometimes the words are in my mouth, and I don’t say anything,” Lillard says“I think it should be all the people who have been following me since I entered the NBA. They know if there is something to say, or if I have any thoughts or something to say, I will say it and I will stick to it. .

“Like I said, there was a lot of discussion, no one heard what I said, no one heard me say these things.”

It seems that Lillard has not made a transaction request. However, if the situation in Portland deteriorates, please pay close attention to the Golden State Warriors as one of the potential contenders for him.

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