Brooks Koepka explains the start with Bryson de Chambord before the 2021 British Open

Another major event, the feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson de Chambord.

The two golfers ranked sixth (DeChambeau) and eighth (Koepka) are involved in a discord that dates back to 2019. As we all know, the discord started because of Koepka’s slow play against DeChambeau, but before the British Open in 2021, Koepka explained why the public quarrel was protracted.

Koepka said all this can be traced back to the deal they made at the Northern Trust Championship held in the Liberty National Team in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2019

“We had a conversation with the Liberty team and he didn’t insist that his trade is over. I don’t like that, so I will take my shots,” Koepka said, according to ESPN’s Bob Harrig.

KOEPKA vs. De Chambord: The best moments of discord between golf superstars

What is the content of the conversation?

“He didn’t like me mentioning his name in slow motion, so we had a conversation in the locker room,” Koepka said. “Then I think we said something else at the press conference, but didn’t mention his name, and then he went to [Koepka’s caddie] Ricky [Elliott], Said something. It is, “You tell your man, if he has something to say, tell me.” I think this is ironic because he goes directly to Ricky. When I came out, Ricky told me, pushed a few putts, then walked directly to him, and we had a conversation.

“We all agree that we will exclude each other, will not mention each other, just let it disappear, will not mention each other’s names, just do it. Then he decided I guess he was going on with that little thing and playing video games online [on Twitch, in which he made light of Koepka appearing in ESPN’s The Body Issue] Or something, then mentioned my name and said something, so now it’s fair game. “

Koepka must have gotten some shots recently.He shot De Chambeau before “Game 4” and made fun of him afterwards His breakup with longtime caddie Tim Tucker.

DeChambeau was also influenced by Koepka, and Obviously interrupted Koepka’s interview At the PGA Championship. However, he insisted that he didn’t know what agreement he had reached with Koepka, and he was a little confused about why their chirping and teasing only started a few years after the initial discord.

“He can say whatever he wants,” De Chambeau said. “I think he said something in the Liberty National team and didn’t insist on anything. I don’t know what he is talking about in this regard. Maybe it’s on me. Maybe. I don’t. I really don’t remember anything. We just had a conversation and I really don’t know what happened because until now we haven’t really joked back and forth, so it’s like why it happened now.

“Besides, I just come to play golf and focus on it. If we want to keep joking back and forth, obviously we have to maintain respect and keep the line where they are not crossed. Yes, I think it’s fun and good. The environment for people who play golf.”

DeChambeau-Koepka’s discord has undoubtedly aroused the interest of golf fans, and many hope that they will eventually be matched in major events. We didn’t see it at the U.S. Open– According to reports, the U.S. Golf Association proposed a possibility, but it was rejected -But maybe if both play well at the British Open, they will eventually play together at the Royal St. George Stadium on the weekend.

DeChambeau hopes to win his second Grand Slam at the British Open, while Koepka hopes to win his fifth and complete the third stop of his career Grand Slam.

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