2021 MLB All-Star Game: What can we get from Masahira Otani?

Denver-On Tuesday, the Masahira Otani Show was held at Coors Field, kicking off the annual All-Star Game of Major League Baseball.

For the first time since the first game in 1933, a player entered the starting lineup as a starting pitcher and a batsman. This is a very incredible thing, this is a very incredible reward for the Angels best hitter and best pitcher Otani in the first half of the season. In fact, Major League Baseball has agreed to adjust the rules of the game to maximize Otani’s time on the court.

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His teammates are happy to see the spotlight shining on Otani.

“I think it’s great,” Rangers slugger Joey Gallo told Sports News on Monday. “He should be (focus). First of all, this is great marketing because he is such an exciting player, he has both. He is a humble person. Even if you play against him, he is easy Cheer for him. I’m glad he got the attention. He should.”

Today let us take a look at the exciting content.

Why is Shohei Ohtani important?

Let’s start here.

No player in the United States or the National League has done what Otani did this season, as both a batsman and a pitcher. Some players have been both batsmen and pitchers in their careers, but no one-even Babe Ruth-performed well in both aspects of the game in the same season to reach this level.

“It’s so impressive,” Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge said. “He pitches during the season, he pitches every day. Come here, play derby, start the game, hit the ball for us, this young man is doing incredible performance.”

As a batsman, Ohtani led MLB with 33 home runs in 84 games. He leads AL in three consecutive victories (4), heavy hit rate (.698) and total bases (210). And, oh yes, he stole 12 bases.

As a pitcher, Otani had 87 strikeouts in 67 innings. He scored 3.49 ERA in 13 starts — a bad start in New York exaggerated this number; his ERA in the other 12 starts was 2.58 — and in his first game, the Angels The team’s odds are 8-5.

“What he did is amazing,” Nationals star Juan Soto said. “He is omnipotent. What he has done this year is incredible.”

Why does MLB change the rules for Ohtani?

Well, first of all, this is just an exhibition game. In any case, most of the rules in this type of game are “rules”, not so much rigid rules as recommendations.

“This is what the fans want to see,” said Kevin Cash, the manager of the Rays, who is the manager of the American United team. “This is what I personally want to see. And the opportunity to do something with generational talents is very special.”

Cash recognized this opportunity and took action.

“I beg the Major League Baseball to adjust the rules of today’s game, because if they don’t, I know I will mess up the rest, pulling the flanker and DH,” Cash said. “For this game, we will be allowed to use Shohei as two players.”

So how will this work?

“He will be the starting pitcher and DH,” Cash said. “When he finishes his pitch, he can stay in the game, and then we can move on to the next DH after his day is over.”

How long will Ohtani pitch in the All-Star Game?

This is an exhibition, so the goal is to get as many stars on stage as possible. Although the plan hasn’t been announced yet, it looks likely-plus everything he did in Denver-Otani will only make the first game. This is not atypical. There was a time when the starting pitcher would shoot three innings, but those days are gone.

In the 2019 game, NL’s Hyun Jin Ryu and AL’s Justin Verlander only played one game each. In the 2018 game, Chris Sale only pitched the first game for AL, and Max Scherzer pitched two points for NL. In 2017, Sale ran two and Scherzer ran one.

Yes, if you count it, this is Scherzer’s third starting nod for NL in the past four All-Star games, which is also impressive.

How many batting opportunities will Ohtani get in the All-Star Game?

Because the rules have changed, we expect Otani to show up at least twice. Otherwise, why request an exception? The other two DHs of AL are All-Star veterans; this is Nelson Cruz’s seventh All-Star selection, and JD Martinez’s fourth selection.

It would not be shocking to see Otani bat three times. We can be sure that his first shot will be against Scherzer.

“If I can get hit, it would be great for me. I was 0 in the first half of this year,” Scherzer said. “The fact that he can pitch; to say the least, the physical requirements of being a pitcher are very high; I can definitely say. Therefore, being able to take on these workloads and be able to hit the ball is absolutely incredible. An incredible one. Athletes can do this, and this is him. He is an amazing athlete, and that’s why I think you will see something historic happened in the first half, and his ability.

How crazy are the All-Star expectations for Ohtani?

The question has already begun: What if Otani lives up to the hype of the All-Star Game?

Frankly speaking, these are stupid questions, but they started after he was ousted by Juan Soto in the first round of the home run derby. Nevertheless, even though he hit 22 homers in the first round of the regular season-remember that Trevor Story only advanced with 20 and hit another in the tiebreaker There are six.

However, at this point, some people will complain if he does not strike out every batsman he faces-even though he is facing the best batsman NL must provide-or if he He didn’t hit a home run every time he came on stage-despite facing NL’s best pitcher.

Of course, he wants to live up to these expectations. This is why he has to bear so much.

“I expect to be very tired and exhausted after these two days, but there are many people who want to watch it, and I want to make these people happy,” Otani said through his translator. “That’s why I want to do this.”

This is a celebration of what he has achieved, not a touchstone of how good people think he is. Other players? They knew exactly what he was.

“He has to watch a baseball game whenever he is on the court,” Scherzer said.

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