Why the Washington football team eliminated the Warriors as potential new names

The Washington football team will not announce its new name until early 2022, but it has already ruled out a name that is considered a potential competitor.

Team president Jason Wright confirmed Statement on the official website of the team Washington will not be called the Warriors. It was excluded from consideration because the name was “too close to the Native American theme”.

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This is Wright’s complete explanation of the decision.

Considering that it does not necessarily or specifically carry negative connotations, people may regard this name as a natural or even harmless transition. But as we have learned through research and contact with different groups, “the background is important”, which makes it a “slippery slope.” Feedback from the various communities we participated in clearly revealed the deep-rooted discomfort surrounding Warriors and clearly acknowledged that it is too closely integrated with the Native American theme. This acceptance of images and images that may be adjacent to the Aboriginal does not represent a clear departure from many communities that strongly advocate our acceptance, and frankly, we planned to do so when we started this process a year ago.

The nickname “Warriors” is considered by fans as a potential choice because team owner Daniel Snyder previously held the “Washington Warriors” trademark.Originally, he bought it in 2000 Plan to use it for Arena Football League teamsHowever, Snyder no longer owns the trademark.

What will the Washington football team be called? Names such as Red Wolves, Redtails, Hogs, etc. have been floated as options. Keeping the name of the current Washington football team may also be an option.

We won’t know exactly this nickname before the team’s announcement, but Wright believes that the team will make the choice that best guides the team into the future.

“As a team, we believe that our new brand identity will respect our heritage and lead us into our future as a franchise,” he wrote.

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