USMNT takeaway and player results: Shakmore shines, but the United States needs more to compete for the Gold Cup

In the 2021 Gold Cup on Sunday, in the USMNT 1-0 victory over Haiti, full eliminations, three-pointers and three debuts were the main highlights, but if the team wants to make some real progress before the knockout stage Deep run. After a bad rebound, Haiti could have been late to tie the score.

As far as the current situation is concerned, after the Canadians surpassed Martinique four times, the result put the United States in second place in Group B, behind Canada in goal difference. Head coach Gregg Berhalter will need to fine-tune his offense so that it can at least match Canada’s goal output when facing Martinique in the second game. The offensive side of the court-creating and ending opportunities-is what Berhalt emphasized in his post-match comments, saying that he felt that the United States “needs to enter another stage.”

Berhalt said: “I missed the urgency of scoring more goals, becoming dangerous, first passes and aggressiveness.” “For me, it was too slow, too backward, not enough. The intention is to make Haiti turn around and let them defend in the penalty area. Once we enter the penalty area, I don’t like running and moving boxes in the penalty area. I don’t like this service. So from the offensive end, we show tonight Disappointed with his intentions.”

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The following are three key points for USMNT to defeat Haiti:

1. Hello, Shakmore

Since 2018, we have never seen Moore in the USMNT game again. After his first half, many fans may have been wondering where he has been during this time. Tenerife’s right back was a man up and down on the right wing in the first half. One of his crosses led to the goal. And think he only discovered after Reggie Cannon was injured that he would start a few hours before the game.

Moore didn’t fully recover and dropped significantly in the second half, but the team relied on his energy and aggressiveness. “There is more from him,” Berhalt said.

2. What started

The American players launched a fierce pressure to start this effective, interesting and dangerous game. Every player made a promise to the media, and they allowed Haiti to scramble for most of the opening time. During that time, the 8th minute goal appeared: Sam Vines scored a cross from Moore and Gyasi Zardes touched him.

Disadvantages of all-out offense: Haiti made some breakthroughs in that frenetic start, and other teams will be less tolerant.

3. A formation switch

Berhalt had a 5-3-2 record in the final 15 minutes. Newcomer James Sands served as an additional central defender. Zadez teamed up with Darryl Dyke to reach the top. It created several good spells, and Berhalt said he might re-examine it. This is obviously not Berhalter’s preferred system, but you can only wonder if some of the problems in the first half will be helped by the cushioning provided by the three guards.

USMNT player ratings

GK-Matt Turner: 7
Turner was definitely busier in the second half, and whenever he was asked to take action, he was decisive and sure. He is always in his box, without leaking any footage. He made a wise stop at the end of the game to keep the victory.

RB-Shacklemore: 7.5
For a player who has been on vacation since May and has been working with a personal trainer at home before this training camp, his first half was as good as any USMNT player this year for 45 minutes. Moore (pictured below) moved up and down on the right wing, and his play and crosses helped set a positive tone for the team. His foot never left the pedal, but he eventually disappeared in the second half.

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RCB-Walker Zimmerman: 6.5
Rarely put the wrong foot. If there are fans worried about the situation of the US central defender, Zimmerman’s role is to remind everyone that he can count on this job. The danger he brings when attacking the set ball is a very valuable weapon.

LCB-Miles Robinson: 6.5
Regarding Robinson’s performance, you only need to know that he let Haitian forward Carnegie Antoine hit the ball at the end of the game. He was effective in dealing with challenges (although he lost a potentially costly game in the opening minutes), his timing was just right, and his emergency defense was crucial in the busy and fast-paced first half.

LB-Sam Vines: 5.5
His results have improved because he is eager to run from the far post to the end of the goal he scored for the only goal of the game. Otherwise, he rarely becomes a factor on the left (the ball rarely passes to the left in the first half), and the Haitian team performed the best offense in the gap left by him through such a high position.

CMID-Sebastian Lletget: 5.5
Smart and efficient performance as the captain of USMNT for the first time. He is particularly good at sending set balls into the penalty area. But the team missed his chance to enter the penalty area, and he can usually make a contribution. He is not in and around the box.

CMID-Jackson Uyle: 5.5
Yoyl’s 62 minutes of the regular season at No. 6: The way the game unfolded meant he was not asked to do anything extraordinary. When he is on the ball, it is safe and straightforward.

CMID / RB-Kailin Acosta: 6
He has proven valuable to this team because he can adapt well to the game and the changes in the people around him. His yellow card was caught, but considering the situation, picking it up is a good warning. He also played 15 minutes at right back. If there is no position change in the game, it would not be Acosta’s appearance.

LW-Jonathan Lewis: 5.5
During the hour he played, he didn’t have much time to shine. The first half of the game did mainly develop on the right side, but he seemed to disappear from the action and never let himself cause trouble in the penalty area.

FW/LW-Gyasi Zardes: 5.5
His commitment to the media as a center helped set the tone for the start of the game. But even so, he was never dangerous outside of set kicks, and we did not see him running in the penalty area to get rid of his Haitian mark (two tough clients) and take advantage of the cross. He played on the left wing for the last half an hour.

RW-Paul Arriola: Not applicable
He was active at the start of the game, but due to a leg injury, he was forced to withdraw in the 12th minute.


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RW-Nicolas Gioacchini: 5.5
Substitute Alola and Alola on the right wing is very different. This shows that his best moment is when he converges from the right position and hits the left post in a suitable position. He is still working hard to recover, which explains why he quit early.

CMID-Gianluca Busio: 6
Busio (pictured above) played in place of Yoyl and played the No. 6 role, and experienced the competition in Central, North America and the Caribbean for the first time. He is his usual composure on the ball. He almost marked his debut with a great goal, but the “goalkeeper” repelled his attempt.

Forward-Darryl Dick: 5
Within half an hour of his participation in the game, he did not succeed in strengthening the offense. Again, similar to Zades in the first half, he didn’t make a lot of serve or crosses when he played against two strong central defenders.

CB-James Sands: Not applicable
He got his first hat in the middle of the three-man defense and didn’t do much in his quarter of an hour on the court. We will see if he has a chance to play as a central defender in the four-man defender line, or whether Berhalt thinks a three-man setup is best for him.

CMID — Eric Williamson: Not applicable
Another USMNT debuted. During his short tenure, he played several wonderful games, leaving a clear impression that he can make a lot of contributions to the three-person midfielder in the United States. It will be interesting to see his performance from the beginning in future games.

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