England players face racist abuse after the European Cup final: teammates, clubs, officials demand accountability

English football is grappling with the latest online racist abuse directed at some of its most high-profile players England lost in penalty shootout In the 2021 European Cup final against Italy.

England’s last three penalty shooters – Marcus Rashford, Jaden Sancho and Bukayo Saka – all suffered racism on social media after their failed penalty attempts abuse.

The police are investigating posts on Twitter and Instagram, and both companies (Facebook owns Instagram) have stated that they have taken action against comments and accounts that violate their policies against English players.

Racist abuse on social media is a recurring problem. All British professional footballers boycotted social media platforms in May, hoping that this will prompt social media companies to take more measures to combat online hatred.

The police, the British Football Association, England coach Gareth Southgate, clubs, players, politicians and even Prince William condemned the latest racist attack.

A Rashford mural in Manchester was also destroyed in the early hours of Monday morning, although fans are already doing their part to cover up hatred (picture below). The local police are also investigating the incident. “This is a shameful behavior and absolutely cannot be tolerated,” the Manchester Police Chief told the media.

For the first time since the incident on Sunday, Rashford shared a personal message on social media, expressing how meaningful it is to him to see the message of the decorative mural now.

Players, clubs, officials are outspoken

Arsenal is one of the clubs defending its player Saka, asking social media companies and government officials to take more measures to stop online abuse once and for all.

“Last night we witnessed the leadership and character we have always known and loved in Bukayo.” Read the Arsenal club statement“However, our young players received racist comments on social media platforms after the final whistle, and this pride quickly turned into sadness. Again, we regret that we have to say that we condemn some black players. Racism. This cannot continue, social media platforms and the authorities must take action to ensure that the disgusting abuse our players suffer every day stops now.”

In the struggle for social justice and racial equality, professional English football players have been one of the most vocal activists, using their platform to raise awareness, including kneeling before the game.England players continue to kneel on one knee Booing from their own fan pockets Before the euro. Before the start of the European Cup final in 2021, both England and Italy joined this gesture.

England captain Harry Kane is the latest to criticize the abuser unambiguously: “If you abuse anyone on social media, you are not an England fan and we don’t want you.”

“It is unforgivable for some of them to be abused,” Southgate said at a press conference on Monday. “Some of them are from abroad, we were told this, but some of them are from this country.”

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