Connor McGregor injury update: When can a mixed martial arts player return to the Octagon?

After the terrible leg injury was over, Connor McGregor’s hopes of defeating Dustin Boyle were dashed. In their third game, The “notorious” fan told fans about the timetable for his return.

In a video posted on Twitter on Sunday, McGregor said that his surgery was over, “everything went according to plan, everything was perfect”, noting that he “feels great.”

However, fans who want to know his next game will wait; McGregor said that he will be on crutches for the next six weeks before he can regain his strength.

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Audie Attar, McGregor’s manager, said in a statement that doctors hope McGregor will fully recover after three hours of surgery.

McGregor maintained his confidence that if he hadn’t broken his leg, he could have beaten Poirier in Saturday’s UFC 264 Main Event.

“The first round was really bad. It would be nice to go into the second round and see what it is. But it is just that. This is the nature of the business. The tibia is completely broken and it is not,” McGregor said. “You know, Dustin, you can celebrate that illegal victory as you like, but you didn’t do anything there. The second round will prove everything.

“And, you know, we move forward and upward, the team. We dust off our bodies, we rebuild ourselves, and we come back better than ever.”

Poirier was declared the victor of this battle by TKO (the doctor stopped work). The scorecard released after the game showed that all three judges handed over the first round to Poirier, and two of them led by 10-8.

McGregor received a message of support from former UFC champion Ronda Rossi, who praised him for promoting his next game immediately after the injury.

“I [definitely] Will not have the intention to do that. Other boxers, UFC and the media are lucky to have you,” Rousey wrote in her tweet.

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